missionmba on April 17th, 2007

“Juvenile crime is a serious social problem, and businesses must become more involved in helping to prevent it” There’s no doubt about the fact that juvenile crime is a very serious social problem and it needs to be addressed in every possible way. However, whether businesses should take this responsibility is a debatable issue. The […]

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missionmba on April 16th, 2007

      “Financial gain should be the most important factor in choosing a career”  The author argues that one must choose his career on the basis of prospective financial gains in that career. Although nobody can deny money’s importance in the modern capitalistic world, but I strongly disagree with the author’s suggestion of deciding […]

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missionmba on April 16th, 2007

Well, after having tastes of two Kaplan tests and also after reading the experience of some stalwarts, I didn’t keep my target too high… Assuming a 700+ is almost impossible to touch in a Kaptest, I targeted 680-690 in my Kaptest 3.. Well that was not to be.. If GMAT gurus advise not to take […]

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missionmba on April 11th, 2007

Took my GMAT date today…It’ll be May 15,Tuesday.. 9 AM.. Was pretty much confident about my preps. But taking the date is making me weak somewhat.. Confidence depleting 🙁 Boo-hooo :'( But I guess this can happen even if I take the date after preparing for another 6 months.. And I believe the confidence must […]

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missionmba on April 7th, 2007

Time taken:: Analysis + Typing out = 35 minutes The following appeared in the opinion column of a financial magazine: “On average, middle-aged consumers devote 39 percent of their retail expenditure to department store products and services, while for younger consumers the average is only 25 percent. Since the number of middle-aged people will increase […]

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missionmba on April 7th, 2007

“The presence of a competitor is always beneficial to a company. Competition forces a company to change itself in ways that improve its practices.” Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading. The author observes […]

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missionmba on April 7th, 2007

The following appeared as part of an article in a magazine on lifestyles. “Two years ago, City L was listed 14th in an annual survey that ranks cities according to the quality of life that can be enjoyed by those living in them. This information will enable people who are moving to the state in […]

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missionmba on April 7th, 2007

Wrote a powerprep yesterday night…. This was the first full length test in which I also wrote timed essays. Am pretty excited about the score… But still it’s not that perfect an indicator. In fact that’s quite inflated as some questions were already covered in the OG and the correct answers started shouting in mind […]

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missionmba on April 7th, 2007

Summing up quicly, what I’ve done over the last two and a half month.. ( Had started the preps in mid Jan) Started with a crack-the-gmat free test.. My score there was 600. Quants 46; Verbal somewhere in early 30s. Though wasn’t any excited about the score, but this test was more to give me […]

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missionmba on April 5th, 2007

Actually the journey has started some time back. The docmentation of the journey is what starts now. Why I’m writing this blog?? Well, I too am not very sure why.. Was just reading Inblue’s MBA story when the thot struck. I guess it’d be gud to jot down my progress as I go on for […]

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