Actually the journey has started some time back. The docmentation of the journey is what starts now.

Why I’m writing this blog?? Well, I too am not very sure why.. Was just reading Inblue’s MBA story when the thot struck. I guess it’d be gud to jot down my progress as I go on for my GMAT journey.. As a matter of fact, I do keep a track on a notrbook. But I guess a blog may be a better idea. Moreover u’ll have n number of people ( Am i being too hopeful abt the traffic??) consoling you when the next Kaptest devastates u.. (Two of those have accomplished that successfully) On a serious note, I believe that this will keep me organised.. Putting in my mistakes at one place; tracking my progress between two similar tests; How better am I performing in OG round 2 etc etc

Also would be posting my AWA essay overhere, Visiting janta, please be generous enuf to evaluate those.

The more important part will come on the other side of the G-day when I begin apping. Have not decided which schools to apply to yet, but I hope this blog to help me organise myself better.

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