Wrote a powerprep yesterday night….

This was the first full length test in which I also wrote timed essays.

Am pretty excited about the score… But still it’s not that perfect an indicator. In fact that’s quite inflated as some questions were already covered in the OG and the correct answers started shouting in mind even before i saw the options. 😐

Some takeways from the test::

1) Kaptests are for learning what u may get wrong at the toughest level; not for getting any indication of where u stand. It was a such a relief to see a 700+ score again after scoring 670 and 630 in the last 2 kaptests I had written.

( BTW, just to ensure that I don’t carried away with this inflated score, I’ll be writing another kaptest next weekend.)

2) Quants have improved:: This section was never a problem and I had scored 50 even in the 2 kaptests; but every time I made some silly mistakes. This time I double-checked each answer especially the first 15-20.

3) RC still needs practice. Out of the 4 Qs that I got wrong, 2 were RC, 1 CR and 1 SC. That’s not that bad, but then for som of the RC Qs that I got correct, it was a toss-up between 2 choices till the last moment..

4) Am pathetic at AWA as of now. Needs a lot of timed practice. Worse is that u can’t get an evaluation for whatever junk u’ve written. Will be posting my essays unedited after this post. Dear visitor, please do rate it and point out the flaws.

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