Summing up quicly, what I’ve done over the last two and a half month.. ( Had started the preps in mid Jan)

Started with a crack-the-gmat free test.. My score there was 600. Quants 46; Verbal somewhere in early 30s. Though wasn’t any excited about the score, but this test was more to give me an idea, what the GMAT is, what all sections are there and most importantly what are my strong and weak areas. I got to know though I was good at PS, DS and RC were kinda ok, but CR was average and SC pathetic. I had just managed to get 6 out of 15 SC Qs correct.

Bought an OG 11, After doing OG diagnostic, when I was confident that I was well-aware of types, I decided to take my first GMATprep test. Score this time was much better: 690. Don’t remember the breakup. Still SC was my weakest point..

So started all sectons from OG; but SC from manhattan SC guide. Mid-way thru OG and with Manhattan finished, I took GMSTPrep test2.Scored 760 this time… Manhattan was showing its effects.. Once OG was done, I took 2 tests from , I got 680 and 760 (using their conversion table)

I thot I was cruising along wth my preps.. (except for the AWA.. almost untouched yet)
Then I picked up Kaplan 2007…and followed that up with the two nightmarish Kpalan tests, which showed me where I actually am..

In the first (taken last week) I got 670.. ( Q50; V37) Scared!! But then remembered Kaplan’s reputation of being a low-scoring test.. ( but still in any case a 40 % accuracy in RC is too too low)

A week later m I took Kaptest 2.Huh!! This time it was a lowly 630!!! (Q50, V32)
And RC again just 40%.. CR too dipping 45% ( And I always thot it’s just the SC that’s my weakness)

This time even the Kaplan’s reputation cud not help me maintain my confidence.. I felt devastated!!! And I was seriously considering putting off my G-day test to June start..

At this time, Pagalguy came to my rescue.. If you’ve landed on this page, with some Google search of Kaplan + GMAT + devastated, I’d suggest u to have a look at Keya’s success story BTW,did i mention that my fav pastime over these 3 months has been reading GMAT success stories 😀

One more thing, I’ve also joined a yahoo group I guess it’s one of the most active mailing lists for this purpose.

I’ve just picked up AWA part. Finding it hard to gain back my lost writing skills 🙁


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