Took my GMAT date today…It’ll be May 15,Tuesday.. 9 AM.. Was pretty much confident about my preps. But taking the date is making me weak somewhat.. Confidence depleting 🙁 Boo-hooo :'(

But I guess this can happen even if I take the date after preparing for another 6 months.. And I believe the confidence must be back after a day or two of practice or after taking a mock-test..

BTW,I guess I’m into my final lap of preparation.. Started with Kap800 2 days back.. Planning to finish it off by 20th.. After that It’ll be mostly OG. Will suely do OG 11 in full. Will be good if I can get an OG10 somehow..

AWA is another weak point.. Have to cover up somehow..

So many things to do!! and just a little over a month to go… Dear visitor, I surely need your wishes…

4 Responses to “My G-Day:: May 15”

  1. Make sure you complete OG 10th and 11th in time so that you are left with enough time to review both the right and wrong answers…You are hardworking and intelligent…am sure you will crack a good score on GMAT. All the best to you…

  2. missionmba says:

    Thanks for the wishes..

    Have done OG11 in full once… But need to revise that again… Trying to arrange OG10 somehow..

  3. misha says:

    what do they mean by quant 46 verbal 43……does that mean 46 right….if yes…then out of how much?

  4. missionmba says:

    Hey Misha
    Ur GMAT sectional performance is scaled on a scale of 60.. However 51 is the max that u can get in any section.. The scores of the sections are mapped to give ur GMAT score on a scale of 800..

    I’d suggest u to take a sample test.. U can find powerprep on my blog.. That’ll be the best way to start. Dont care abt the terminologies yet. u’ll get used to these soon..

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