Murphy baba ki jai ho!!!

As always his law holds for my GMAT..  In first half of April, when I was sure the preps are in a gud shape and the rest of the stuff can easily be managed in the next 4-5 weeks.. I decided to take the date for my G-day.. At that time, I was convinced that the work-pressure wont be that much during mid-may.. So it was ideal to take the test at that time.. So on 11th of last month, I picked up 15thMy as my G-day..

But the thingsstarted turning souralmost the very next day.. Stable  builds started giving errors.. Resolved bugs were reopened/bounced.. and meeting the deadline of 30th April started looking impossible..

But this time, I cud not afford the deadline  to be extended.. I was scared at the thot of deadline being extended by another  2 weeks.. (That would have made it coincide with my G-day).. So I decided to slow down the preps a bit and worked like hell to meet the deadline.. The Result:: Late hours on weekdays, working weekends and almost no preps… 🙁

Finally I was able to meet the deadline… But the flow of preps was broken.. I was low on confidence on even the well-practiced concepts.. AWA was almost untouched.. Add to this the kiler punch by Kaptest#4 and I knew I was in no position to take it on May 15..

Another 2 weeks cud have been fine.. But this time I did not want to take any risks.. So got it postponed by almost a month.. It’s June 13 now… 13 has been a gud num for me at times.. Hope it continues to be so.. 🙂

3 Responses to “GMAT Reschedulded :-(”

  1. gaurav says:

    hi…. just read your blog.. wanted to know bout this powerprep thingy you keep reffering to…. is it the GMAT powerpep sw u get from the GMAC site???

  2. missionmba says:

    Powerprep is the earlier version of the official GMAT Software.. The latest version is called GMATPrep…

    But it’s a gud idea to download the oldeer version too as GMATprep and Powerprep are the most accurate indicators of ur standing taht u can get.. It’s not available any longer on the official site…Will post the link in a separate post

  3. Siddharth says:

    I ve started the preparation for GMAT, but i m actually very very motivated. The only thing that motivates me is the PAY PaCKAGES we get after an MBA from the Biggies…..

    Please suggest , how do we get 800 in GMAT.
    and ……anything else.

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