The last three tests that I took have presnted a very mixed picture to me..

I took Kaptest #4 with full intentions of seeing a 680-690 on the last one.. Aftre all, I had completed Kap800, the toughest book even by Kaplan standards..

But what I actually scored was a lowly 610 πŸ™ No probs with maths.. It was my 4th 50 in as many kaptests.. But Verbal!! It was hard to believe what I saw.. Just 32.!! :'( And worst part was that I thought that I had done pretty well….

At this time, I needed a morale-booster.. And 610 made it sure that I wont wait for the next weekend for this morale-boosting exercise.. Took up Powerprep #2 after a hectic day in office.. Boo-hooo..the test was a total waste… As was for PP1, all the Qs were from PG.. Moreover, I was so tired n sleepy that I slept for abt 10 minutes midway thru the quants section.. But thanks to the repeating Qs, I finished on time… Finally, I ended up with a decent 740.( Q50,V40) But this didn’t gimme any satisfaction.. as there were almost no new Qs πŸ™

Finally last weekend, I picked up the sectional tests Maths4 and Verbal4 from 800score.. And yes, this was the confidence booster that I needed.. I got 51 in maths; but the best part was getting a 47 in Verbal.. πŸ™‚ This is the best that I’ve got so far in any test.. πŸ™‚ I guess the scoring algo of 800score test is a bit lenient. But I liked the quality of Qs.. particulaly in the Maths section…

So what next? Planning full-length tests now.. (including essays too)

The G-day is not very far.. just abt 3+ weeks to go..

Still left on my agenda ofr G-day::
1) Essays:: Have written just 5-6 of them so far.. Planning to get the arco book..

2) Bold-faces:: Have not faced them much; have messed up on whatver occassions I’ve encountered them.. πŸ™

3) Finalising the school-list for the G-day::
So far ISB and NUS are certainties, Also considering Boston and Fisher..

3 Responses to “Three tests::three different pictures”

  1. misha says:

    hi shobhit….

    what’s bold face??…..

    am a beginner….

  2. missionmba says:

    Bold-faces are Critical Reasoning Qs like these::

    But these are higher level Qs.. U can come back to these later..

  3. annie says:

    hii.. i m frm dhaka… i gave my gmat 2 days back n i flunked big time..i did finish OG, part of kaplan 800, manhattan SC guide. but i only gave 2 gmat prep tests b4 the big day n my score wsnt great eithr.. i m planning to sit fr it agn aftr 1 u suggst me..somethng..anythng?
    & hw can i find kaptest and manhattan GMAT test CDs? we dnt hv it here..


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