“The owners of the Cumquat Café evidently made a good business decision in moving to a new location, as can be seen from the fact that the Café will soon celebrate its second anniversary there. Moreover, it appears that businesses are not likely to succeed at the old location: since the Café’s move, three different businesses—a tanning salon, an antique emporium, and a pet-grooming shop—have occupied its former spot.” 

The author believes that the owners of Comquat café made a good decision in moving to a new location as the café is about to celebrate its second anniversary there and three different businesses have occupied its former location after the café moved. Though at a first glance, the argument looks sound, but a careful analysis reveals that the argument rests on questionable assumptions and weak premises.


First, the author assumes that just because the café celebrated its second anniversary at the new location, we can conclude that the café is doing well. However, he does not provide any evidence for the same. It’s possible that the sales at café have dropped significantly after moving to the new location, but the owners have to continue there due to personal reasons. If this is not the case, the author must provide evidence that the sales and profits are soaring at the new location.

Second questionable assumption that the author makes is that the role of a business location is the same for all kind of businesses. The tanning salon, antique emporium and the pet-grooming shop may have failed, because the people there may not be interested in these. However this provides us with little reason to conclude that they would not be interested in the café as well. To augment this evidence, the author must additionally provide that when owners of Cumquat decided to move, the café too was not actually doing well.

Finally, it’s unfair to rest the blame for the failure of the mentioned businesses solely on the location. The owners may be poor managers; the market-demand may have changed; there can be several other reasons for the businesses to close. In fact, we’re not even told that the mentioned businesses closed because they were not doing well. They too may have moved for purely non-financial reasons, even if they were making good profits.

To sum, the author’s argument is unconvincing due to the weaknesses discussed above. The author could’ve strengthened his stand by giving evidence of Cumquat doing well at the new location and by showing that the profits for Cumquat and other businesses were falling and location was the only factor responsible for the same. Without this evidence, the argument fails to impress the reader.

2 Responses to “AWA argument #49”

  1. skg says:

    The argument passage presents only following two facts.

    1. The cafe has just completed 2 years at its new location.

    2. Within those two years, 3 different business have tried running from the cafe’s old location.

    Shobhit, you were able to point out following 2 flaws in author’s argument.

    1. The author has not presented the profit data for the old location and new location.

    2. The 3 business have failed at the cafe’s old location.

    I think you could have raised following points more significantly and directly (though you have mentioned them)to attempt a direct assault on the author.

    1. How many anniversaries the cafe celeberated at the old location?

    2. The cafe actually moved because it was running in losses.

    3. The author did not mention that the 3 new business were actually failed. It might be the case that the location might be so good that business were bought over by different parties. so this claim by author is entirely useless.

    Your writing is actually good and is likely to fetch around 4.5 from the evaluaters. But I guess you could improve upon the following points. (again, I am no master here, these are just my personal opinions).

    1. The passage actually presents too many flaws in reasoning, you could actually bring out more by thinking some more time on it.

    2. Dedicate one single paragraph to one and only one issue, however small the issue may be.

    3. Make your writing more active and concise. For example, cut on the phrases like “if this is not the case…” , “To augument this….” .

    Neverthless, you are already doing a great job, so nothing to worry.

  2. Srini says:

    1) * It’s possible that the sales at café have dropped significantly after moving to the new location, but the owners have to continue there due to personal reasons.* could also be written as *Celebration of anniversary does not necessarily mean thats its doing good business…could also be to attract more customers and thus increase its presence*

    2) Shifting of the business could also mean that the location chosen; to begin could be faulty.

    3) Again, the shifting other business necessarily mean that the population does need such kind of service offered.

    Hope this help you in some way!

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