Hi everybody

Wrote my GMAT yesterday….

Scored  770.. (M51, V44) 🙂

Started writing the detailed debriefing, but am already feeling sleepy L But I guess after all these long months  of preps, I deserve a sound sleep.. But then this place which has been a record of my GMAT journey doesn’t deserve to be neglected too….

So though of this mini-post for information purposes for the visitors of the blog.. Detailed debriefing to follow soon.

Till then, it’s celebration time for me J

3 Responses to “Yipppeee!! 770 (M51,V44)”

  1. Srini says:

    Hellooooo…..kitna celebrate karoga huh..?? Hum yaha taak mein baithey hain key aap apna gyan batogay!!

  2. Nitin says:

    Congrats! 770 is a terrific score.

    Thanks – also for maintaining this blog and for some very useful links (particularly to free tests)

    I am just beginning prep for GMAT.

    Would like to speak/chat with you at your convenience

  3. narularavi says:

    770 is too good.
    Would you now like to share some preparation secrets.
    I have just started.
    Would like to speak to you at your convenience.

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