Have got many queries regarding the mock-tests I took and the scores I got on each of them.. Thought this raw time-line will be able to give people an idea on how I went about it.This was supposed to be in paragraph form..But not getting time for the detailed story..

January:First two weeks: Basic research.. Pagalguy success stories: Baba yaga, Psychodementia etc.. Procrastinating the preps (in name of research :-))

Third week:FLT1::crack-the-gmat free test:600 verbal wash-out; maths: rusty
More research; more procrastination
Last week:
FLT 2: GMAT Prep1: 690 ( Don’t remember the break-up)
<< Read somewhere that the tests on GMAT prep have Qs common with those in OG; So had to finish these before starting OG; Later got to know that the guy meant powerprep Don’t do this!! Save GMATPrep for the later stages>>
Bought OG11 .. Took OG diagnostic: Some basic tips from net
Started OG 11 (minus SC) and Manhattan SC guide in parallel.
First three weeks: Finished OG 11 (minus SC) and Manhattan SC
FLT 3: GMAT Prep1: 760 (Q50, V41)
This was a fluke!!! I almost knew nothing about GMAT at this time..
FLT4:: 800score.com test 2: 680 ( Q49, V34)
Last week:: Picked up OG11 SC + Joined some active GMAT forums
Started Kaplan Comprehensive + AWA basics from OG..
First week:: FLT5:: 800score.com test 3: 760 (Q48, V44)
March 20:: FLT6:: Kaptest 1:: 670 (Q50,V37)
March 31:: FLT7:: Kaptest 2:: 630 (Q50,V32)
Started AWA seriously. Started blogging.. Became hyper-active onGMAT groups. Started some misc notes (Spidey’s, Sahil’s)
First week:: FLT8: Powerprep 1: 770 ( Q51,V44)
Second week: Took date for GMAT : May 15.
Third week:: FLT9 Kaptest 3:: 650 (Q50,V34)
Picked up Kaplan 800
Work load increasing.. GMAT preps almost stopped.. Dual deadlines of April 30 and May 30 😐
May ::
Rescheduled GMAT.. New date June 13.
Resumed preps.. Finished Kap800 by mid-May.
FLT 10:: Kaptest 3:: 610 (Q50,V32)
FLT11 : Powerprep 1: 770 ( Q51,V44)
FLT12:: 800score.com test 4: 780 ( Q51, V47)
FLT13:: 800score.com test 5: 770 ( Q51, V44)
Started winding up things.. OG 11 round 2 + continued writing some AWA essays.
Also met the May 30 deadline at office.. 🙂
Told my boss about it.. => End of all fears and hassles about hiding it + Surety of a reco 🙂
Winding up continues.. Manhattan SC + Kap 800 recap (strategies only)
Last week: Took leave from office.. Don’t wanted crashes and bugs to bug me at the most crucial stage.
Took 5 FLTs::
FLT 14: GMAT Prep1 (reinstalled): 780 (Q51, V46)
FLT 15: Manhattan GMAT Test1: 800 (Q51, V51) 😮
FLT 16: Manhattan GMAT Test2: 800 (Q51, V51) 😮
FLT 17: Manhattan GMAT Test3: 720 (Q50, V37) 🙁
FLT 18: GMAT Prep2 (reinstalled): 750 (Q50, V40)
Slogged off most of OG 10 in last three days… Knew that no new Qs r to be found… Just wanted to go by the gurus’ advices of sticking to the basics in the last round..
The day before the test:: Almost only AWA and idioms
June 13:: The G-day:: GMAT 770 ( Q51,V44) AWA 5.0 ( Got the score 2 days later)

Must say that I perhaps took too long for my preps.. I strongly believe that once you decide what things to do for ur preps, two and a half months are sufficient for any level of preps..

7 Responses to “GMAT preps timeline”

  1. wannabe says:

    now that.. is damn cool… nice score..

  2. Ayush says:

    Cool score. congo!!!
    Hey I am bit confussed regarding the material I should refer for the GMAT prep.Which material you think I should refer?

  3. varun says:

    Hi shobhit,
    I.m taking my GMAT in march..and i ‘ve too many doubts regarding it!Could you please leave me your mail address?

  4. Rohan says:


    Planning to take the GMAT. just doing the basic research. Is powerprap same as GMATPrep software?

  5. missionmba says:

    Hey ROhan..
    Powerprep is the earlier version of GMATPrep..
    You can locate the link to download the same from another post on this blog: “Kickstarting GMAT Preps”

  6. Askcrackverbal says:

    Even I am also doing my Gmat preparation.

  7. Piyush_mishra143 says:


    First of all, many congrats !

    Nice Info. Would appreciate if you could reveal the amount of time needs to be devoted everyday. Wanna mention that I am currently working in IT, so please advice accordingly.


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