Am keeping an excel sheet of approaching deadlines.. Thought of sharing that on this blog for the benefit for everybody::

School deadline 1 Decision by deadline 2 Decision by
ISB (Hyderabad) 15-Sep-07 15-Dec-07 15-Nov-07 15-Feb-08
INSEAD 3-Oct-07 21-Dec-07 5-Dec-07 29-Feb-08
Tuck (Dartmouth) 10-Oct-07 14-Dec-07 14-Nov-07 8-Feb-08
Chicago GSB 17-Oct-07 3-Jan-08 9-Jan-08 26-Mar-08
UCLA Anderson 24-Oct-07 31-Jan-08 2-Jan-08 28-Mar-08
MIT Sloan 30-Oct-07 28-Jan-08 15-Jan-08 7-Apr-08
Emory (Goizuetta) 1-Nov-07 15-Dec-07 15-Dec-07 1-Mar-07
Michigan (ROSS) 1-Nov-07 15-Jan-08 7-Jan-08 15-Mar-08
Purdue (Krannert) 1-Nov-07 15-Dec-07 1-Jan-08 1-Mar-08
Michigan (Broad) 1-Nov-07 18-Dec-07 9-Jan-08 23-Feb-08
Duke Fuqua 1-Nov-07 9-Dec-07 9-Jan-08 8-Mar-08
Darden Virginia 1-Nov-07 1-Feb-08 3-Jan-08 24-Mar-08
Haas Berkeley 5-Nov-07 28-Jan-08 10-Dec-07 17-Mar-08
Kelly (Indiana) 15-Nov-07 15-Feb-08 15-Jan-08 31-Mar-08
NYU Stern 15-Nov-07 15-Feb-08 15-Jan-08 1-Apr-08

Arghhh!!! WordPress is disgusting when u try to paste from an excel.. They’re still trying to fix the bug. Till then, please bear with me.. 🙁
Disclaimer 1
:: Not all the deadlines mentioned above have been announced yet. Some of the schools are still showing the deadlines for the fall 2007 admits; so I have included the tentative deadlines based on the deadlines for the last year.
Disclaimer 2: This does not represent the list of schools I apping for; many schools like Tepper and McCombs, which I’m considering strongly, are missing from the list.To be included very soon..

3 Responses to “Deadlines!!!”

  1. Geetu says:

    Coolios! 🙂

    Thankoo soo much! 🙂 and you dunno how glad I am to see US schools in your list! (even if its only deadlines! hehe)

    You can do something like Dave’s Blog or I think Simba’s blog.. put deadlines on the side panel. and they can be edited as and when.. (R1/ R2..etc)

    All the best! 😉

  2. missionmba says:

    Hey Geetu..
    If u look at my other post (titled confused!!), you’ll know that US schools are already in my list.. Just pray that I’m on the admit list as well as on the schol list of my dream schools 🙂

  3. Bhargavi says:

    hey good post. i had a quick question on this Early action for TUCK and Darden. does this mean the same as columbia – you have to join the school if you get an admit. if not does it mean jus apply to get feedback in advance?

    thnx and ATB

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