I know the title will come as a surprise to many, but after careful deliberations, I’ve decided against apping this year..
Had gone in dormant state for some time now.. (that is as far as blogging is concerned) These days were days of deep introspection, b-school research, networking, essay-analysis and what not!! Add to that regular pressure of office work 🙁

Anyways, coming back to the title of the post, I’ve postponed my application process by a year.. It was a very tough decision for me on a personal level; putting off the applications by a year means I’ll be graduating in 2011, That’s about four years from now!! Postponing apping looks like postponing life by a year!! Convincing my parents was even a tougher job.. But finally managed to do so.. 🙂

Coming to the reasons behind this whimsical decision (many of my friends do say that it’s crazy), there are many.. (In no particular order )

1) Chances of getting in:: Though I understand that GMAT 770 is a wow-factor in my application.. But is that enough to get into a good B-school.. Surely not.. In fact, as my cousin puts it:: Any B-school that buys you out just on your GMAT score is not worth going to.

2) Maturity (to be reflected in the essays): I know I’ve an okayish profile for a low-experience candidate, but what do I write in the essays.. Essays of almost every school want to listen to leadership, entrepreneurship and maturity stories.. As an example, one of the school asks for a time when you’ve managed a crisis in your team.. In two years of my professional life, I’ve been able just to create crisis in my team.. 😛 (Kidding off-course; hope no B-school adcom sees my blog 😛 ) One year later, I still may not have many managerial tales to share, but at least I’ll be closer to the statistical average of most of the schools… And one more year of corpo-life will surely add at least something to my profile.

3) Finances:: As the regular visitors to the blog must be knowing, initially no US B-schools was in my list due to budgetary consideration.. But with time, the love for an international MBA grew and finally I’m eyeing only international B-schools. But for that, I need schol and savings..(plus loans) Adding a year will add to my savings and also better the chances of a scholarship..

4) Goal-clarity:: Perhaps this is the most important reason that makes me feel I’m not ready for an MBA right now.. As of now, I neither know which colleges I really want to apply to, nor do I know what interests me most for post-MBA career. Do I want to make a big career switch and go to finance or do I want to play it safe and return to technology. Or may be Consulting or I-banking?? But wait; am I even very clear what consulting (or for that matter I-banking) is? I mean I do have an idea, but for such major decisions just having an idea hardly suffices. Further the selection of my targets was mainly based on the one major criteria:: achievability.. Interest and the elusive “fit” weren’t actually coming into picture.

There were some more reasons (which I won’t like to share here), but finally the decision is out:: Not applying this year..
So what next?? One year of planning, research, profile building, pursuing my interests and living life freely. I do hope that the decision pays off. 🙂

Coming up next on my blog:: my experiences from the B-school events in Delhi in September..

16 Responses to “Not ready for an MBA right now..”

  1. bokaa says:

    🙁 Thats sad. But it’s good that you have thought about it- lots of people make a decision to apply and then stick to it for ego’s sake even if they feel that it is not the best time to prepare.

    I respect your decison- best of luck with life and future!

  2. krishna says:

    That’s the right decision. I appreciate you for your patience.

  3. Anon says:

    It requires a lot of courage and maturity to come to such a decision. Kudos man!

  4. Deepthroat says:

    Thanks a lot for the wishes dude…..But why have u given up on the apping this year…. I understand its a committment which has to be full hearted…….anyways all the best for all your future endeavours….

  5. Nitin says:

    Did you take the TOEFL? Is it required?

  6. missionmba says:

    Thanks for the wishes…
    Will try to make the wait worth it by getting into a top school next year..

    Nope.. I was scheduled to take it on Sept 15, but have canceled it..Most of the universities waive off TOEFL if ur medium of instruction in undergrad was English. (Kellogs is an exception I believe; check out urself)

  7. Manish says:

    Hey Shobit,

    Any idea, whether we need to take any additional certificate to prove the medium of instruction thing?

  8. Manish says:

    Hey Shobhit,

    waiting for your blog on your visit to Stanford and Wharton events.


  9. Vipul Bhatnagar says:


    It has come as a surprise to me..amazed by ur decision….indeed.
    Postponing ur dream for 1 yr is hard to digest that too after getting such a stellar score..
    Neways it’s always better to listen to ur heart and mind and if you feel that u hv to wait then its perfect…..neways I appreciate ur decision..ATB for ur future dude..

  10. mohit says:

    Heya, Read your blog.. 770 ? whoa.. im like.. mesmerized. I have recently graduated was planning to for my Mba straightaway but then thot it be better to mature a bit and get a job…any tips on gettin 770 in Gmat?

  11. dreamer says:

    Hi Shobhit,

    Thanks for your useful comment. but i did find out a long term goal for myself 🙂

  12. bokaa says:

    Thanks Shobhit. I am thorough HBS…..will be concentrating on the other apps now.

  13. Govind says:

    Hey Shobhit….In my view, though b-schools look for many of the traits which you were referring to, I guess most ppl cook up stories and produce something to prove their story…with such an impressive score, not really sure if 1 year is worth the wait..but at the same time, it’s a good opportunity to improve foreign language skills and show some charity work on the profile…All the best

  14. Sarah says:

    Hey Shobhit! Sorry to hear you made this decision…yeah always as you can see I am a little behind on reading your blog. Be sure to stay in touch over the next year and then we can celebrate when you finally decide to come over here!

  15. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  16. Gunjan says:

    hey there,
    this ‘s gunjan…
    read ur blog quite late….
    could i know ur profile????
    n how did u mange 770???

    i m yet 2 write my GMAT wid 2.5 yrs of sales n markting of steel in dubai.

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