Sorry for not posting for a long, long time.. Actually, last 6-7 weeks have been pretty hectic for me at office as well as social/family front. Moreover the apping process has kept me busy too.. ISB was submitted almost at the last hour.. Had to struggle a lot with the Wharton essays, especially the “outsider” one; but finally I do believe that it came out quite well.. At Columbia, some serious problems were there with the submission of one of the recos. But now all I can do is to wait for the result and concentrate on rest of the schools. Efforts for Tuck have surely been the best of the lot so far, expecting an interview call at least. I’m breathing a bit easier now, but with Tepper and Emory coming up in next 10 days, followed closely by Stern in mid-November, life’s surely not going to be easy.. And then there are Ross, Darden and Duke to follow in R2.

Now if you’re a regular visitor here, I’m sure I’ve managed to startle you at least a bit. 😀 After all, just in the last post, I was “Not ready for an MBA right now.” Actually the status at my end is still the same. I’m not applying this year, but many of my friends are.  Some of these are real-life friends, some online ones whom I’ve not even met. It’s their apping process that’s keeping me busy. 😀 It’s mostly the review of the essays.  (and drafts for a reco in one case) As I was done with my GMAT way back in June, I had plenty of time for the endless B-school research. So I’ve slight upper hand on some of my friends who had almost no time between their GMAT and apping. So I pitch in as a self-certified application-consultant. 😀 Yup, I love to help people, but surely this time it is not entirely for philanthropic reasons.  

Many of my friends suggested me a dry-run this year: apping to schools in which you’re not interested. I don’t really buy this idea. I don’t find it worth the effort and the money. If you’re targeting a top-15 school, how would apping to a lower school give you an idea of the competition and what your dream school wants from an applicant? And let us say you give it a full-hearted effort and bingo!! You get an admit with a full-ride at one of the dry run schools. Now won’t it be too tempting to accept the offer and save yourself a year and a great amount of money. And then you’ve missed your dream schools even without giving them a try. I’d better keep the dry-run schools as the “Safe Schools” next year. This time I do want to know the application process in and out, but only second-handedly.

What else I’m doing on the B-school front? I’m attending every B-school event that happens in the NCR area. So far I’ve attended Stanford, Wharton and Ross; also visited the stalls for Tepper, Duke, Stern and some more at the recent MBA fair. Tuck and Darden are to follow in November. Planning to learn a foreign language, though have not yet decided which one. Other than that, I’ve started finding time for activities other than office-work and apping process. I’m now a regular at the office TT table and also am back to reading. Had almost stopped reading books other than OG, Kaplan and Manhattan. 🙁 Coming to the books, I’ve just started “Snapshots from Hell” by Peter Robinson. It’s about the author’s life at Stanford GSB: the first year in particular. This is considered one of the best books on B-school life. Hope to learn a thing or two about the MBA life by the time I finish the book. Hopefully that’ll be another blog story here.

I guess I’ve to conclude now; need to get back to the Emory essays. 😀 Will try to be more regular on the blog again.

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5 Responses to “Busy! Busy!! Busy!!!”

  1. Sravi says:

    Hi Shobit,
    Congratulations for a great core!

    Need some advice.Am giving GMAT sometime in Jan.Plan to app for schools in the US for Fall 09,and those in Asia/Aus for Fall 08.I read somewhere on this blog that you were targetting Asian/Aussie schools sometime back.. so wanted to tap on that research.

    Could you help?

  2. Prashant says:

    Hi Shobit,

    I was startled too, as i had read in ur previous post that you have postponed the idea of apping by another year. Well i must say u are doing one hell of a job, it will be a great experience for you. well this might just be a semifinal for you before the finals next year


  3. missionmba says:

    Yup, am taking it up as a semi-final.. And luckily I’ll be in the finals even if I lose in the semi-finals 😀

    Sorry, I did not do any research on Australian schools.. Started with two Asian schools in mind (ISB and NUS) and then became too obsessed with the US schools that I dropped everyhing else.. I did a bit of research on NUS, contacted an Indian student also.. Am forwarding his mail to u.. May be u can directly contact him..

  4. Hi Shobit,

    I landed in your blog thro’ Dreamer’s blog.
    I am apping to US Bschools for Fall-09.
    I am just about starting my first school essays.
    I read your comments on goals in Dreamer’s blogs.
    I know that I would like to pursue a career in consulting
    post MBA. But how do I draft that as goals?
    Also any ideas on how to go about the essays?

    Which schools are u apping to? Good luck!

  5. A-ddicted says:

    believe me i feel like stupid for not listening my one of my distant friends advise(he also met me on one of the mba forum) and applying for colleges this year…..

    And now i’m not at all surprised to see guys like you with brilliant GMAT score not going for MBA this year.

    And yes keep posting

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