I’ve started my B-school research from scratch.. So these days am visiting school-websites, student blogs etc. In this process, yesterday it was the turn of IIM-A. As I’ll be eligible to apply by age critieon (Born on or b4 March 31,1982; I’m just making the cut 🙂 ) , I had planned to give it a shot. I always strongly feel that for a person like me, whose long term plans are in India, nothing beats IIM-A, even if it does not give you the taste of diversity and international exposure that are normally associated with an overseas MBA.

I was quite surprised to see that the application for PGPX-2009 adission is already on. I checked and rechecked to see if I’m looking at last year’s admission page, but I was surprised to see that everything for 2009 session is in place from the new brochure to a raw academic calendar from April 2009 to March 2010. I’m really impressed by this proactivity. Rest of my target schools are still in process of winding up their admissions for this year.

But another section of the site almost shattered my dreams of making it to IIMM-A. This was the class profile section.  I must admit that going purely by numbers, this is the most impressive average profile that I’ve seen in last 1 year of B school research. (Perhaps only IMD,Switzerland comes close) Sample this: Avearage GMAT:728 , Average work-ex 10.2 years, average international experience 5+ years.. WIth just 4 years (by April 2009) experience and 0 international experience, even my good GMAT score and above-average extra-curriculars won’t be able to push me into IIM-A. Whatever  hopes I still had were shattered when I saw this in answers to one of their  FAQs.” Adhering to minimum age of 27 years at the start of the programme, a normal graduate should have 6 to 7 years of post qualification, full time work experience” :((

Anyways, I always believe, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” So I won’t quit before giving this one serious try. . There is no fee for application  and even GMAT  scores are to be self-reported initially. Further, no essays at this stage.  First round screening is based on profile-evaluation. ( We need to fill in the application form online, in which you can list your GMAT, GPA, experience, extra-curricular activites and other leadership experience.
Even if I manage to reach the interview stage, it’ll be a good exercise and if somehow I can get in (Probability of which is lower than my getting into Stanford :D) ,  having such experienced people for company will be a great learning experience. 🙂

BTW, for those who’re interested in apping to IIM-A , here’s the link: http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/pgpx/pgpx0910/login.php 🙂

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  1. Suchi says:

    I dont know why but i thought of dropping by your blog and it was nice to read the FAQ section thing you have included… i did not know about it…

  2. Arvind Kumar says:

    Hi Shobhit, Visiting u’r blog after a long time. Stay in touch.. – Arvind

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