Now this is some terrific news!! 🙂
Reliance and Stanford have tied up for  “Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship programme” under which 5 Indians will get a full ride at Stanford GSB and that’ll cover all the expanses including tuition, travel and living expenses. Other than merit (which of course gets covered in the admission process at Stanford, another important criterion is commitment to return to work in India for at least 2 years. More here

This surely is a great news for me as I’ve always listed Stan as one of my dream schools, but have found it prohibitively expensive. Though the competition for this scholarship is going to be fierce , but still this charges me up to have a shot at my dream school. And in any case, I have my long term plans in India. Hope that’ll help if everything goes right.

With Mukesh Ambani tying up with his half alma-mater (He had to drop out of Stanford GSB due to Dhirubhai’s illness), can we expect the younder Ambani to follow the suite too.. (Anil is an alumnus of Wharton). That’ll be a double bonus for Indians!! 😀

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5 Responses to “Reliance to sponsor 5 Indians @ Stanford GSB!!”

  1. Mayank says:

    I am currently in US. Will be here for another 6 months. Can I apply??

  2. Leo says:

    5 out of 50 finalist eh!!!, thats a 10% selection rate, much better than the average 7% rate of selection otherwise. Moreover, one has the opportunity to play safe in the typical Indian pool of applicants. A real good opportunity to take the candidature ahead.
    around 10 days gone since I applied; another 8 to go. Keeping fingers crossed for now!!!

  3. Duhan says:

    What is the procedure to apply for the scholarship?

  4. Payal Sahay says:

    Thanks for you great Post but do you know anyone studying in GSB who got this scholarship . Well I searched the internet extensively but couldn’t find anything .

  5. gopal says:

    what is the criteria and eligibility for the selection to reliance sponcership to stanford

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