With HBS releasing its essays as promised in May first half and application for Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship going live on May 15, the apping season for Fall 2009 has begun formally.. 

On personal front, I’ve given myself a deadline to shortlist about 7-10 schools that I plan to apply by the end of May.. Will take some more time (may be 2 weeks) to trim down the list to 4 to which I’ll be applying in R1 and another 3-4 (if need be) in R2.. So far the list is:

  • ISB: This is one school that never went off my list from the day I started my MBA plans..But I’m planning to app in round 2 for this.. Round 2 results of ISB come at around the same time as R1 results of most US schools.. So I’d have sth to compare against.
  • IIM-A (PGPX):: It’s not even my Dream-school.. (I define dream-school as the one that you’ d love to attend, but you don’t have a strong chance at getting in. ) With its avg experience of 10+ years, it’s totally unrealistic for me.. But still I’m gonna app for this.. No app fee and app deadline is 15th Aug well before the deadlines for other schools.. So apping to this will provide a dry-run for other  schools.. 🙂
  • Stanford GSB: Keeping it as my (wild)dream school.. With Reliance announcing merit and need based fellowship for 5 Indians, I’ve decided to give this dream school a very serious shot.
  • BTW, just got the news that a friend got into Wharton two days back. The guy already had offers from Duke, Tepper and IIM-C.. But W is big!!! Biggest of them all!! I guess I’d need to catch this guy and get some serious tips about apping.. 🙂 

    Meanwhile, fellow-bloggers for fall 2009, keep visiting and leaving comments here..  Anyone belonging to this tribe (Apping for 2009 and already blogging about it 😀 ) surely deserves a pat on the back for starting early. 🙂 Let us start interacting on blogosphere and help each other out in whatever way we can. I’m reachable at my gmail ID: quizophobic

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    5 Responses to “Fall 2009 Apping season begins!!!”

    1. anon says:

      Keep your posts coming in 🙂 I am non blogger apping for 2009. I hope we will have a a good school to attend in next fall.

    2. Nitya says:

      Thanks.Nice blog and good info .Hope you recall me!!
      keep up the good work

    3. V says:

      All the best ! I’m apping for 2009 as well, and am thrilled with the news about Reliance scholarship !!

    4. Kiran says:

      hi shobit,

      me too getting ready for fall 2009.
      just to finish my GMAT by june.
      all the very best.
      ll join u soon.


    5. Ram says:

      I am an Non Blogging applicant for ’09 as well. Lets hope we see some light at the end of the tunnel by March’09. Else dredging will have to start again by July’09

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