Was discussing GMAT stuff with one of my colleagues who has booked his date in August.. Recalled two of the mantras that I had deviced and found immensely useful.. Thought it’d be good to share with the same with the readers of this blog.. The tips are quite simple , may even look simplistic to some, but to me (and some of my friends, with whom I’ve discussed these), these were very helpful..

Tip1: Data Sufficiency..
Treat options (B) and (D) as red flags..
Every time you’re marking an answer as (B) or (D), double check it. No need to spend  any extra time, just make a mental check.
Many times, we mentally drag down the data given in condition 1, while evaluating condition 2.. And when we find (2) to be sufficient, we confidently proceed and mark the answer as (B), whereas it shud’ve been (C) 
From the discussions on GMAT groups and my own experience with Data-sufficency Qs, I can tell u that this is a very,very common problem.. I too did this all the time, while I was doing OG. But once I made this rule, I never ever committed this mistake again.

Tip2:: GMAT Verbal:
In quants, if you spend 5 minutes on a problem, chances are that you’d get it.. Not that I actually recommend it, but what I want to emphasize is that you can get to a correct answer in PS and DS if you spend more time. This, however, is not the case with Verbal. After spending some 30-40 seconds on a question, you often end up with two options and sometimes it’s impossible to decide which one to choose.
For example: You’ve read the RC passage in full and have almost complete grasp of the content. The question that comes up first, asks you the author’s tone. You’re sure it wasn’t happy or appreciative. It can’t exactly be termed as sad. Now you’re down with the final two options: indifferent and angry. And you feel that the author looked indifferent at times, but a bit angry at others.. Normally at this juncture, you spend a good amount of time, juggling between the options, scrolling up and down the passage or just staring in blank.. Suddenly after 5 minutes have passed, u realise that u have many, more questions to follow. You quicly pick one of the options and proceed to answer the next question.. Just think, couldn’t you have done exactly the same thing 240 seconds earlier??
Same applies to CR and SC questions too. If you are not sure whether the correct idiom is “mistook as” or “mistook for” and u have already tried fitting this idiom in a simple sentence of ur own (highly recommended!!), I don’t think that you’ll get to the correct answer confidently even if u spend 10 mins on the question.. 

The crux is that once you’ve exhausted your knowledge of idioms, grammar and common sense, you’re not going to get the correct answer by spending more time… So as and when you realise that you’re not able to choose between two equally appealing options, just pick one of them (which appeals slightly more) and move on.

Hope you find these useful.. In case of confusion/need for clarificatin, feel free to leave a comment or drop a mail qo my gmail ID: quizophobic.

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9 Responses to “Two tips for GMAT takers”

  1. Dave says:

    hello. i think these tips are just awesome! i was wondering however if yar tip on verbal also applies in the verbal section of the MCAT? same as well for your first tip for the Physical and Biological Science Sections.

  2. missionmba says:

    Thanks Dave..

    I’ve no idea abt the other exams that you’ve mentioned..
    But I’m sure that Tip1 holds for any examination,which carries DS question.
    Similarly, I feel Tip2 is applicable to verbal section of any exam,where time is an issue.

  3. V says:

    You’re doing a good job out here. I’m another one in your club, IIM but slightly more exp. Got to know abt the Reliance schol. from here! Atb !!

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  5. sp says:

    Can you suggest me some prep tests (Free + Paid)for GMAT which i could practice before my GMAT Exam. I am planning to give the exam in the month of August.

  6. missionmba says:

    You may find this useful for the list of tests..

    I strongly recomment ManGMATs!!

  7. sp says:

    Actually I had gone through this list before also. For Manhattan are you referring to this paid course.

  8. missionmba says:

    Yup.. I was referring to the mentioned paid course only..
    Though it’s paid as compared to many free tests that you’ll get on internet.. But believe me it’s worth all the money they’re charging you..

    Gud luck

  9. Archit says:

    For the Tip-1.

    It’s better to read the Condition-2, first & then read the condition-1.

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