I may have caused some of the readers to panic about whether they too have missed a deadline, But it’s not a school deadline that i’m talking about.. It’s the personal deadline that I’d given to  myself.. I had decided to get the list of my target schools ready by May 31. Further, I had planned to finish the first draft of my goals essay by June 15..  The updates are not very positive as of now… Have already missed the deadline for task 1. Task 2 is not in a great shape as of now. Would be tough to get that ready by June 15.
Still, I guess I can say that I’m making okayish progress..I may not have finalised all the schools , but at least I’m in process of getting clear regarding my career goals.. For long term goals, I feel that I’d be most comfortable in manageemnt of a technology company. For short term goals, I’m down to three in list:: technology (something like joining product-management or biz-develeopment team of a Tech-company), tech-consulting (Starting with a job at mckinsey BTO,Acenture) or strategy consulting.. Just need to work out which  of the three will take me to my long term goals in the best possible manner. Consulting really appeals to me: however, I’m not sure whether I’m happy with the drawbacks of a consulting career (Lots of travel, family life getting affected etc) So I’m inclined towards starting with consulting, getting a rich experience of tech-industry and then getting back to an IT company.
 I know I’m not making complete sense here. Whatever I’ve written above is too vague and a bit disconnected too. But this is just a first level of my zeroing in on my goals. I hope to refine  and reframe this with more research and convert this into my first draft of career goals essay very soon.
 About school selection, I’ve added Ross to my list.. Now it’s ISB, Ross and Stanford.(and may be IIM-A). Next to explore are: Duke, Darden,Haas and Tuck. Further, right now, I’m still hovering over dream schools. I need to locate my safety schools and reach schools too.
Lots of work to do!! Already feeling short of time!! People, pray for me!!!

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8 Responses to “Just missed my first deadline :-(”

  1. kingKREEP says:

    Nice to know that you have added Ross to your list! I am matriculating at Ross this fall with 3 years of Indian I.T experience at good old Bengaluru 🙂 So I guess I should be able to relate to some of the issues/questions you might have. Feel free to send me an e-mail (kingkreep@gmail.com) if you have questions about Ross in particular.

  2. JulyDream says:

    Don’t stress too much. I don’t think I started my essays until August and even then, I wrote my last set in 4 days (I don’t recommend it!!). Needless to say, you’re ahead of the game and that’s a great feat in itself. If you have access to MBA fairs/events, attend, attend, attend!!! That was the greatest help for me and the reason I applied to Darden. Keep your head up.

  3. missionmba says:

    Wow!! What else does one need? I write a post about my school selection and within a day, I’ve replies from ppl admitted to my dream schools.. 🙂
    Thanks Kingkreep and Julydream!! I’ll contact you shortly! I have some Qs regarding Ross and Darden.. Will do my share of homework and then, will contact you..

    Actually, I’m not stressing myself.. I just feel that I need to cash on the head-start that I’ve b’coz of deferring my apps by a year.. (I had planned to app for Fall’08 ) Further I’ve a scholarship deadline coming up this July 15, so need to plan accordingly.

  4. Kiran says:

    hi.. why are not considering any european schools.. insead,judge etc.. any specific reasons ?It will help me a lot if u let know my anything from your research..

  5. V says:

    I’m in the same dilemma for the last few weeks, wanted to round up my goals etc. by end of May but its June now and am still researching !!

  6. missionmba says:

    Somehow Spanish and French schools don’t appeal to me.. UK schools, in general, are not generous enough regarding schols and no-cosigner loans… I’ve seen ppl in Orkut community for Said (Oxford)admits struggling with finances.. That was scary!!
    And INSEAD ( I don’t count them as a french school; neither do they :D) They’re too adamant abt having candidates wth Int’l experience..

    BTW, do let me know if you get to know of any gud EU schools, which offer loans w/o cosigner.

    Don’t worry!!
    As Julydream said abv, we’re already ahead of the avg applicants.. And not being clear yet abt the goals, simply suggests that once we’re done, we’ll have a clear enuf & attainable goal.
    Let us work hard and crack stellar admits!!

  7. dodo says:

    “UK schools, in general, are not generous enough regarding schols and no-cosigner loans… ”

    I would say Judge is very generous…HSBC gives you GBP 33k loan within a week of your applying for the bankloan ( w/o any cosignor) and there are several scholarships ( I have received worth GBP 15k from two Cambridge sources)..

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