I know I was supposed to have shortlisted by school by May end.. Had missed that.. I did make some headway into my school research after that and was able to trim down my list to a manageable number.. 1-2 weeks back, I was thinking that I’m getting mostly clear with my target list.. Applying one filter after another, I kept on shortlisting my target schools..
And then suddenly I felt the need of “longlisting” the same.. And why’s that?? Read on..

Right now, my list looks something like this:

  • Stanford (Wild dream, Only if I get selected as a Reliance finalist)
  • Ross (Dream, Apping for sure)
  • Tuck (Dream, Almost sure, need to get in touch with some current students for some queries)
  • Duke ( A bit realistic, apping for sure)
  • ISB( Realistic, apping for sure)
  • Emory (Apping for sure)
  • So you see after applying the final filter of availaility of a no-cosignor loan upto cost of attendance to a trimmed down list (based on criteria that I’ll list in my next post) of my target schools, not many schools were left in my list.. A look at the list above and you know that I perhaps need to add more schools in my list.. That’s exactly what I felt.. And I decided to loosen some of my earlier filters to accommodate some of the good schools that fit most of my criteria along with the all-important no-cosigner one.
    And here’s the list of schools that I’m exploring right now::

  • Columbia
  • Yale SOM
  • Chicago GSB
  • Purdue
  • Am not saying that these schools r already on my list.. Have started exploring them and may be in a week max, I’d have the answers.

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    8 Responses to “Longlisting my schools!!! :-o”

    1. adekku says:

      Hi there,

      Some of your schools list is pretty similar to mine.. 🙂

    2. ahembeea says:

      Hi, good choices I would say. Would like to hear from you regarding why you chose to have Columbia (based on your post mba goals) and Yale (based on selectivity) on your list. I am still uncertain about my list, and need to revise the same soon !!

    3. starwalker says:

      Hey…. I have similar needs as you, in my own way, of course…. but all these constrains sure lead to some weird combinations. Columbi and duke are dissimilar in almost every way….. but i know where you are coming from….

      btw, have you looked at darden? may fit some criteria

    4. Kiran says:

      How far have you gone on the application? have you already submitted it ?

    5. Kiran says:

      sorry, i was referring to the relaince applicaation..

    6. missionmba says:

      @Ahembeea and Starwalker..
      Ya, I understand that the expanded list looks weird.. Atleast not in line with the rest of my list.. But some constraints forced me to consider these..

      But am now getting clear wth my final list.. Thatt’s coming up next on this blog..

      Hey.. Am an Indian IT engineer.. How can u expect me to submit the application any time b4 the deadline.. 😀

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    8. Joe says:

      hi there!

      Thanks for the list of schools with their fin options. though not extensive, I can sure them as a base. Thanks again!

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