Phew!! Finally my first application submitted!!ย  Overall it was a good learning experience.
Here’re a few highlights from my first submission..

So much to write, so little space :: No, I’m not talking abt the essay yet.. I’m talking about the size of text-fields for certain entries..At places itย  was quite irritating. I’m sure many of us struggled while mentioning the name of our employer or the educational institute as in many of the cases, the full name would exceed the size-limit. So there wasn’t any option other than abbreviating those..Couldn’t they have kept bigger text boxes? ๐Ÿ˜

One-page resume, what’s that!! Some years back, when I was appearing for the campus-placements, I thought a longer resume implies a longer list of achievements. ๐Ÿ˜› So I had a 3.5 page long resume at that time. When I got to know that at most of the places including all B-schools, one-page resume is the norm, I was very upset.. How can I condense that 4-page mini-epic to just one page.. Then I read this somewhere:: ” If your resume is exceeding one page, that means there’s something you what to show to your prospective employer (The adcom in thi case) that he doesn’t want to see!!” I had a look at my resume and found that there surely was scope of chopping down the content to a manageable size. I downloaded some samples from clearadmit and mbagameplan and requested some of my friends to send their resume for an idea..Once I had finalised the template, it wasn’t tough to fit the content to one page.ย  And now that one-page resume looks so god to me that I just can’t have anough of it.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep on looking at that from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shape the future of India in 250 words!! And then there was this essay. “How do you aspire to shape the future of India?” Terrific topic! And surely the one that can test one of the parameters on which the fellowship is to be awarded, i.e. commitment to India. But the grandness of the topic doesn’t match the stingy word-limit imposed. It’s close to impossible to write a convincing essay on the topic in 250 words.. When I sent my first draft to one of my close friends, who happens to be a very good writer too, he wasn’t really impressed with my effort..ย  He said that the essay indicates a plan, but lacks a blue-print to impliment that. Further it shud have included what motivates me to follow that plan and what are my credentials so far in connection to the plan..ย  Every bit of what he said was right, except that I forgot to tell him the word-limit. And this was when I had sent him just an outline form of draft, which when properly expanded could have easily taken 550 words!!

So finally I had all the plans laid down.. It was time for chopping it down to the desired word-limit. Trimming it to about 350 was easy.. I could locate many redundant sentens\ces or the ones that can be written in a crisper way.. bringing down from 350 to 300 costed me some of the impact that the essay could have.. I had to cut down some sentences that explained my plans better.. Afnd from 350 to 250, it was almost a word-by-word countdown. I was trying to doing all kind of weird things like joining two words into a compound word using a hyphen, making the best use of apostrophe at every point, rephrasing sentences like “Interested in working to improve the scene” to “Interested in improving the scene” even at the loss of the precise meaning that I wanted to convey. At one stage, I was even tempted to use phrases like “I wanna” instead of “I want to” ๐Ÿ˜€ That wouldย have saved me a word-each at least in 4-5 places. ๐Ÿ˜€

The final essay looked a bit plain.. As another of my friends said, the essay was not that catchy.. Because as soon as an idea starts getting a grip onย  the reader, it suddenly ends abruptly. Also the essay offers no lofty plans like starting new industries,no magnanimous promises of taking up a career in social service.. I maintained that I’d be taking up my social-goals as a side-activity of my career goals and listed some of my real dreams in the essay.. Am just counting on the chance that may be the schol-committee can like the honesty of the plans.. Just hoping against hope..

In any case, I’m not pinning much dreams on this. The competition for this is immense.. And my efforts (rather results) do not seem to be that satisfactory.ย  But as I said, it was a good learning exercise.. At least now I’ve the resume ready.. And experience of writing more than concisely may come in handy when I write the ISB essays.. ๐Ÿ™‚ And as Ahembea pointed out, If I get thru well and good.. Else It’s one school less on my list.. ๐Ÿ˜€ :S ย (I’m not gonna app to Stan if I don’t get selected as a finalist in this)

So right now I’m back to rest of my schools.. Coming up next, my final (hopefully) shortlist..

PS: If some of you find that I was a bit verbose above, pardon me.. This can happen when you’re just coming to an open space after a day in a suffocating chamber.. At least here, no one’s going to dictate me word-limits. ๐Ÿ˜€

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8 Responses to “Reliance application submitted!!”

  1. Sachin says:

    I think you have put in a good amount of focused effort in this so putting things as satisfactory would be an understatement…who knows it’s the ‘honesty factor’ that would click. Good Luck

  2. ahembeea says:

    Well said, this is your space ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lets see who all make the cut for the scholarships.

    And I’m waiting to see your final list, before I release my next version :-))

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  4. IntheSameBoat says:

    i have lot of your entries on this page and some of them really resonated with what i am going through as to the search of schools etc. if possible send me your e-mail id. I am applying this year too and i do not have GMAT score as great as you but i was thinking that maybe we can help each other?

  5. manish bhandari says:


    today the result has been declared

    may i know your result?

  6. battle for mba says:

    how could I view the 50 shortlisted candidates for the reliance fellowship progra?

  7. Kandarp Nyati says:

    I am applying for the scholarship this year. But i am having difficulties with the One-page resume. Can u please help me out.

  8. Angel says:

    Hi I am planning to apply for it this year. Can you please help me with the essay, how to get started and all. I am terribly confused!!
    Solicit your cooperation.

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