Well, I now believe that I’m down to my final list of Bschools that I’m targetting.. As I said some time back, after the applying the no-cosignor criterion, there were very few schools left on my list..  I thought of expanding my list a bit..  This resulted in some weird school-combinations on my expanded list.. And many of the fellow-bloggers objected to that.. (Thanks for all your inputs) Finally none of those made to my final list..
Towards finalising the list of my target-schools, I realised that I should learn to differentiate between my preferences and criteria.. I had mistook some of preferences for filters and that resulted in some good schools going out of my list..  I know that one should be aware of his/her preferences, but at the same time, another thing to be aware of is the fact the our preferences may be a bit immature or a result of less research..
For example, having a mixture of case-studies and lecture-method was my preference and it was for this reason that I had excluded Darden from my list. But then I dug further inti the case-studies method at the HBS site and also read comments of some ppl from HBS, who initially, like me , were apprehensive about the case-method, but later felt that there’s no better way to learn!!

However, I managed to get in one more component to select schools:: the essays!! I remember somebody big (perhaps Senapati at Pagalguy) saying “Thou shalt not select schools on basis of essay Qs.” But I don’t find myself completely agreeing with this. Though selecting schools purely on basis of this would be sheer idiocy, but when confused between two equivalent schools, the essays can be used as an effective tie-breaker:: Based on your profile and experience, how answerable the schools’ Qs are or do the Qs allow you to project the best of you through your answers.  On this basis, I had eliminated MIT Sloan long back;I don’t have answers to most of their Qs..

So based on all this, here’s my (almost) final list in no particular order::

  • Stanford:: All depends on Dhirubhai Fellowship. If I get selected as a finalist, Stan will be my top choice. If I don’t, I’ll drop it.
  • Ross:: Loved their action-based learning.. Interesting essays, helping me to project the best of me.
  • Fuqua (Duke)::  Looks very good. Need to dig more and contact a few students as well.. Qs totally changed from the last year and are quite different from other schools. 🙁
  • Tuck:: Fierce alumni-loyality. Would love to be a part of such a closely-knit community. My only two concerns were:: Tuck brand in India and the rural life @ Hanover. As I dug in, the second doesn’t appear to be too negative and the first is mostly compensated for by the fact that the strength of the community matters more than mere numbers.
    Essay Qs quite answerable..
  • Darden:: As mentioned above, initially I was very apprehensive about 100% case method. Am still not fully convinced about using this method for some subjects.. Still the strong curricullum and the tremendous opportunities in consulting make it too hard to ignore.
    Still waiting for the essays. (I’m expecting some changes from last year.)
  • Emory::  the Pagalguy thread on current Emory students taking Qs was very useful.. I read it to the full and at the end of 4 hours, I had finalised Emory in my list.
    Essay Qs look good. (Last year’s; this year’s Qs not released yet) 
  • ISB:: The one school taht has never ever left this list:: In fact, it was the only school with which the journey had started 18 months back.It’s almost sure that I’ll be applying to all the seven schools above, though I still need to divide these into R1 and R2 schools. Will try applying to minimum five schools in R1. I do think I can manage that.. Let us see how it goes.  AFAIK, All the schools above offer good program in General Management, provide loans upto costs of attendance without an cosigner and offer decent to excellent opportunities in consulting.  Blog-readers, please let me know if you locate any discrepancy here.

    In addition to above, I’m also considering HBS and Yale. But the latter is very,very selective with its small class size and the former is almost prohibitive with its exorbitant fee (I’m not expecting any schol, even if I pull-off a miracle ad get an admit). The Qs of both are very good and I’ve good answers to almost all of them.. lemme see, if I need to drop any of the above seven or if I need to expand my list for R2, then I may consider taking a chance at these two.

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6 Responses to “Here’s my target list!!”

  1. starwalker says:

    a good list…. by the way are you one of the 2.5 people from India who is not considering any IIM?

  2. ahembeea says:

    Good list ! Very similar to my final list as well 🙂

  3. missionmba says:

    Am too young to be considered by any IIM for its 1 year course.. 🙁
    In fact, I was considering apping to IIM-A PGPX as it’s the only one for which I make the cut as per the eligibility conditions.. But once I saw the details of the curricullum, I got the idea that even if I manage to get in somehow, I won’t fit there..

    Gud to know that! Hope you post the detailed analysis of each school’s essays the way you did for ISB.. 😀

  4. ahembeea says:

    Now that Stanford is out of your list, are you considering applyling to one of the top 5 ?

  5. Oren says:

    Great target schools. I applied to 4 of the schools on your list last year.
    Good luck!

  6. missionmba says:

    Gre8 to have ur comment, man!!
    And tell you sth, if it were not for the cosignor-prob with Haas, there cud have been a 5/5 match with ur list.. 🙂

    Keep writing and telling us abt the Darden experience!!

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