Here’s the first bad news of the season.. (I sincerely pray tha it’s the last one too) Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship results are out.. And I’m not through to the next round.ย  There were more than 1400 applications for the 50 spots and I guess at least 50 of them were more competitive than I am..

WHat could have gone wrong?
First of all, it may have been the essay.. In essay, I wrote about my actual social impact goals, which were in education sector. However, this was different from my professional goals and I intended to pick these up as non-work activity. I guess the schol-committee didn’t like the idea. Further regarding the quality of essay. Even I myself was not that happy with the final product. EVen before I had started an idea, I had to move to the next one, thanks to the stingy word-limit. I was hoping that may be they’ll get impressed with the honesty of the ideas, but that didn’t happen.

So what next??
Stan is put of my list.. It pinches to drop your dream school out of your list. But I don’t think that I can make it to Stan when I couldn’t make it to top 50 from India. (I agree that the criteria maybe different, but still..)Also Stan and California are far too expensive for me to afford without a schol..

That creates a spot in my final list.. Which school will take that spot? Or wil i use it to burden myself a bit lesser and app to one less school..ย  Not really sure about it.. Will decide in two days time and update the blog accodingly.

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12 Responses to “End of a dream::Am not a Reliance Dhirubhai finalist :-(”

  1. juggler says:

    same thing with me..was waiting for it wholeday…so first ding of the season is in..

  2. Aay says:

    Hi Shobhit,
    Don’t mind.All the best for other schools.
    I’m recently meeting students here in CA from all the vally schools and collecting info abt the adm process.If time permits can we chat on gtalk ? My gmail id is


  3. Nik says:


    I didnt get accepted as well. But the difference is, I knew that decision from before.

    Reliance Dhirubhai says that it is for people who are Indian, but fails to explicitly state that they should be also studying or working in India.

    I think this is sad. Strictly speaking, they are distinguishing Indians from India and Indians from abroad. Not cool, Does not make sense.

  4. SR says:


    I think one of the criteria’s that a lot of applicants glossed over was ‘financial need’. I think this was the clincher for many….either ways.

  5. battle for mba says:

    hey Shobhit
    how r u?

    Do u have a list of all these 50 finalist or let me know the way to view it

    please reply.
    or mail me at

  6. missionmba says:

    @Juggler and Nik:
    Sad to know that you two too are in the same (sunken ๐Ÿ™ )boat..
    Hav added you on GTalk. Looking fwd to having a chat wth u soon…
    Right on!! I too feel that it’s the financial need that played the most critical role..
    (But I’m not at all satisfied with the way Reliance chose to guage financial need!!)

    @Battle for MBA
    AFAIK,There’s no way that you can get that list mate!! Reliance needs to protect the confidentiality of the candidates.

  7. Apoo says:

    Hey you! Dont drop Standford from your list. Ask yourself – if Stanford offered you an admit right now, would you take it up? Am sure you would. Banks can fund your education, you can take loans, kill, steal, beg…. its your dream school.

    Tomorrow if Ross, Duke, Darden and all your other apps accept you, you are gonna feel “damn, I was good. I should have app’d Stanford as well”. Its your dream school. You might never get in, but you wont look back in your life and feel you never tried.

    I sure hope you apply, and I sure hope you get in! Good luck!

  8. Sushant says:


    Absolutely DO NOT drop Stanford from you list just because of the Reliance thingie. Reliance, from what I hear, had a set of criteria to decide within – academic performance, essay and FINANCIAL NEED. A lot of people I have spoken with have glossed over the financial aspect of the equation. If you are minting money right now, Reliance apparently didnt want to enable you to mint more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But that doesn’t mean that Stan will not like your application as well. Absolutely not!

  9. vani says:

    Best of Luck !!

  10. DJ says:

    Hey Shobhit,
    Hard luck buddy… U would for sure land up in top notch B-School ya… Your blog have been an inspiration to me and am sure many people must have also benefited from it…
    Best of luck… Sab kuch thik ho jayega bhai…


  11. missionmba says:

    Thanks everybody for your support!!
    DJ, your post in particular was very reassuring.. Thanks dear!!

    @Apoo and Sushant::
    You’re right, Stan n Reliance hav diff criteria, but I need to drop Stan at least temporarily from my list and focus on relatively achievable schools.. But yes, I’ll try to gear up for Stan in R2, maybe..

  12. Vishal Pandya says:

    Hi Shobhit, DJ, Shushant and all,

    I am Vishal Pandya and presently I’m planning to apply for RDAF at Stanford.

    I assume all of you would have applied for the same. Could you guys throw some light on what are the basic skill sets RDAF selection comittee looks for? How a person’s financial background, his/her resume and essay can influence a person’s selection? According to you which is the most influencing thing among these three?

    I would also like to talk/chat with you guys if you give me your mail ids. My mail id is:

    Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

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