This post is primarily intended for two purposes:

  • Informing my blogosphere friends that I’m still alive.
  • Making sure that the top-post on my blog isn’t that ding-post!!

So here’re some updates::

  • Have started some networking:: Have dropped some mails to students/alums from Ross for some insider details.  Already replies are there from some of them. Tuck and Duke next..
  • Scheduled appointments with my potential second recommender:: My boss is my first recommender. Have scheduled an appointment for tomorrow with another senior in my team..  Right now, the appointment is for gaining general perspectives about MBA.. (He’s already an MBA) He’s a gr8 fellow, always enthusiastic about sharing gyan. Want to get my goals cross-checked with him..  Will try if I can get him write a reco too.
  • Ordered BW guide to best B-schools:: Must be in my hands in next 2-3 days.. Will be handy for understanding each of my targets better and also while crafting why School X essay (Though it surely won’t be the only source)
  • My list may have a new addition:: Am having a tough time with essays.. In that case, I’m a bit tempted to include Kellogs in my list as I believe I’ve strong answers to each of their questions. Of course, essays can’t be the only criteria and therefore,  I’m considering digging deeper into Kellogs.. Will start with BW guide..
  • Essays:: Negative progress!! Yes, no first draft yet!! And why did I call it negative? It’s because my ideas for Ross challenging-time essay and Duke signficant-experience essay was rejected as too old and too common by the two essay-consultants on BW and PG forums.  And on second thoughts, I too tend to agree with them. Need to come up with a better and more recent story..
  • Office is taking a lion’s share of my time::Returning after 11 when you’ve not started writing your essays! Simply unpardonable!! Need to cut-down on my office-hours anyhow!!

    As I look thru the blog-world, it seems I’m not alone in the crowd of procrastrinating lazy-bones!! But then, there’re some inspirations like Soni-bubu, who’s already one of his app and is actually ahead of the schedule and then there’s one of my non-blogger friends, who’s finished the first drafts of Ross and Yale in less than 10 days!!
    Hopefull, I’ll start in next two days..  Blogger-friends, keep updating whatever is going on at your side..

5 Responses to “Some updates!!”

  1. ahembeea says:

    Hi there, you seem to be right on track. Get all the information that you need, and then write super essays !!

  2. Nik says:

    Here this about procrastination. I am giving my GMAT on 25th August. And after that will apply only to 3 schools where I want to go. Not where I just want to get my MBA. Worst case, If i get rejected from all 3, I’ll go MBA part time. That way my number of experience in an industry goes up, as well as I get my MBA.

  3. Clear Admit says:

    We at Clear Admit think your blog is great! You do a nice job of keeping your readers updated and informed about your progress with the MBA application process.

    We are currently working on a project that we would love to have your help with. If you are interested, please e-mail us at, and we will give you the details.

    We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your applications. Keep up the good work with your blog!

  4. PRao says:

    I think you are damn right about office hours eating away our lives and procrastination which is natural to many(same situation here)… the two can be a deadly combo 😛

  5. Leoneidas says:


    Congrats for getting a appreciation from clearadmit. It says something about how good yr blog is.

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