Now this seems to be a weird title. At least nothing to be proud of, particularly when many fellow-bloggers are already in the phase of “Columbia submitted”  and “Kellogg is almost done, working on Columbia But in any case, it’s a big achievement for a procrastinator like me. So thought of celebrating with a post on the blog.

So the news is: I’ve just finished my first draft of the first essay of the season.. (Discounting the Reliance essay)  I had been procrastinating this for quite some time now.. ( More than three months actually!! :-o) So to at least make things start, I decided to go ahead with the non-goals essay. (Goals essay requires more effort 🙁 ) I decided to start with Tuck’s “constructive criticism” essay because I’ve a decent work-related story from my early career days. The question asked:

Discuss the most difficult constructive criticism or feedback you have received. How did you address it? What have you learned from it?

 As the rules say, while writing the first draft, I did not care about the writing style or word-limits. I just let the thoughts flow and dumped those on the word-doc. The result is a non-impressive, 900-word long story and I’m  actually expected to answer it in 500 words.. So need to filter out a lot of junk from the essay.

 Still I’m happy that when I ran the essay under the answering-the-question test, it came out good. I read out the essay to my friend and asked him to guess the question; he framed the Q as: “Tell us about a time when you were criticised for your performance and you were able to improve because of that.” I’d count that pretty close to the original question. 🙂

Will spend some time on this to bring it in a slightly better shape before I move on to the next draft. Most probably, next one would be a non-goals essay too to gain some more momentum; but then I’ll need to attend to the goals-essay..

Fellow-bloggers, wish me luck!! And do keep us all updated on your submissions and procrastinations. 🙂
The silence on Hella’s list is frightening at times!!

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4 Responses to “First draft for the first essay of the season completed!!”

  1. ahembeea says:

    Now that you’ve begun, the going would be a tad easier. Atb, complete as much as you can in the next few days. Come September and the countdown will begin !!

  2. Sulabh says:

    Hey there
    Nice to hear froma fellow aspirant.You have completed the essay n I m struggling with the same. Though I am done with Goals and Diversity Essay 🙂 Best of luk for your app…

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