/* Changing the title of the post in an attempt to make more Fuqua aspirants aware of the situation and hoping for some knowlegable guy to clear the confusion ASAP */

Speed of time == 5 seconds/second!!
Now this is what I’m feeling these days!! Time is running out so fast..

It feels like yesterday, when I was talking to ahembea “With September starting tonorrow, every deadline would be “next month!!””. I find it hard to believe that 10 days have already passed and I’ve not achieved much. I know everyone around is feeling the same.. September is perhaps the fastest disappearing month for R1 applicants. (And perhaps December the slowest, when the results take their own sweet time to appear)

Meanwhile, here’re a few highlights:

  • Have got my scores sent to Ross, Tuck and Darden. Amongst my target schools, I had already sent the scores to ISB and Emory on the G-day. Will wait for Duke. (See next point.)
  • Duke is confusing me. The info regarding the no-cosigner loan on their website has changed from “guaranteed loans without a US cosigner ” to ” Information about the International Student Loan is forthcoming.” What does this mean?? Are they planning to discontinue their “International Student Loan “??
    My apping to Fuqua will depend on answer to this Question. I’ve written to them, but no response yet.
    (FAQs page still confirms theavailability, but I’ll trust the finaid site more)
  • Talked to my recommenders:: Had told my boss even before writing GMAT. Needed to talk to two more. One of them, an ISB grad, is a program manager in my team.. He’s a great guy to talk to!!  I discussed the feasibility and practically of B-school targets and post-MBA goals with him. He’s ready to write a reco for me and to review my essays as well!!
    Today called upp my third recomender too. She too is happy to write a reco for me. She’s my supervisor from one of my extra-curricular invovements. And since it was she. who recommended me for one of the leadership positions in the organisation, I’m sure she’ll write a gr8 reco here too.
  • Transcripts:: Stll trying to get hold of a junior to get these. If anything doesn’t crystallise in next 6-7 days, I guess I’ll have to make a trip to my alma-mater myself.. That has been a dream for long, but I don’t think that I’m in a position to afford that luxury at this stage.
  • Goals-essay:: First draft mostly done.. Though need to add the “Why MBA” and “WHy now” part to it in addition to “Why school X” for  each school. This is the essay that needs to undergo a reality check by a few experts. (And may need a good amount of overhaul in case I’m not specific enough.)
  • Tuck essays:: Leadership essay and Constructive criticism :::: first draft done.
    Personal deadline for rest of the first drafts:: Sept 13.
  • Ross essays::
    Developing outlines for “alternate career” and “most challenging time” essays.
    Personal deadline for all first drafts:: Sept 16.

Hope I’m able to stick to these deadlines. Given the shape of the drafts that I’ve ready, I know that they need a lot of polishing as of now before they can be even sent to be reviewed by some of my close friends.

BTW, if anybody gets to know anything confirmed about Duke Interational Loan, do let me know.

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6 Responses to “Duke dilemma… And other updates!!”

  1. ahembeea says:

    That thing about Duke is news to me!! I have left Duke’s essays for October, so in case they change their loan schemes, some other school will jump into my list 🙂

  2. Pradeep says:

    Hi there!
    That Duke thing is a news to me too! 🙁

    Any idea of Ross offers guaranteed loans to international students without cosigner?
    Their website says that the “CitiAssist” loan might need a cosigner. Any info on that?

  3. Pradeep says:

    *sorry type – Any idea *if Ross

  4. Anant says:


    About transcripts, I was reading websites of schools and they say that they need the originals once you are admitted. But I guess I should check for specific schools.

    Also about Toefl waiver, what kind of proof do we need to show that the medium of teaching was english?

    PS: I like you blog as I am able to relate to it but I guess that’s with most of the applicants.

  5. ajaypatil says:

    Hi I don’t thing there is any problem.I talked to one member from Duke adcom 2 days ago and she told me that international students are eligible for the loan.

    There are many types of loans , aids given to students…Just drop a detail mail to them ..You will get necessary details.


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