As I said in the last post, I had sent my essays to my reviewers: a couple of friends, a senior from college-days and one of my recommenders. The reviews have started coming in and they vary greatly in response.

🙂 Reviewer 1 really liked my essays.. He has reviewed a number of essays in last few years and as he said normally he could find gaping holes right in the first read. He had read my essays twice and still liked them :), so that made me think that I’ve done a decent job. Detailed reviews from him are awaited.

🙁 Reviewer 2 almost tore my drafts to pieces.. He said that the essays can be considered a good start, but nothing more than that. I was prepared for a brutal feedback and I didn’t mind his comments on grammar (I had left that to the final revision) but when he said that for a couple of essays, even the understanding of Qs seems to be missing, this was really a cause of concern for me.. This was a general feedback; he would send a detailed review soon..

😐 Reviewer 3 liked most of my essays. But for goals-essay (The make or break one!!), he felt that the flow and the facts haven’t come that good. But other than that,he found all the three essays quite good.

😐 Reviewer 4: mixed reviews. He found the leadership essay excellent! Ditto for “constructive criticism” essay. For essay1. he found the goals need to be clarified a bit more, though he was okay with the second half (Why Tuck?) But he strongly felt that essay 4 needs to be rewritten completely!!

I am very impatiently awaiting detailed reviews from the first two reviewers. Both of these are quite senior to me and are very busy people. I’m already grateful to them that they could find time for me;  not really sure when I should  ping them for reminding.  But as of now,I’m really finding it hard to concentrate w/o their feedback and I feel that  before I proceed to write another set of flawed essays, perhaps it would be good if i can get the basics right.. (Am i using this as an excuse for procrastination!!) After reviewer2’s comments, I’ve gone back to read my Tuck-drafts at least ten times and somehow I stil am in love with my efforts. 😐

So what else I’m doing other than getting confused over my reviewers’ comments.. Right now I’m concentrating on Ross drafts. Yes, I’m lagging behind the schedule that I had set for myself, but the essays are giving me a hard time.
Alternate profession essay is quite tricky, I’m still confused between two possible professions.. (Yeah, the goal-clarity is missing in alternate career too!! 🙂 ) Also struggling with “Most significant professional achievent” essay.. Not sure how can I narrate my stories without getting too technical. Can’t tell them how the debugger was misbehaving and how I  cracked a number of the bugs by putting printf() statements in all the right places, neither can i go on to tell them how I dug  deep into code and resolved a number of memory leaks. (Non-IT blog-readers, pardon me here! 🙁 ) Regarding “a challenging time in your life”, I have a story, but that’s in distant past and then it’s a bit common.. Essay-advisors on BW forums have advised me against using that. 😐
Had planned to reuse the Tuck essay (in parts) for goals, but that too is under fire from my reviewers. Add to all this the fact that none of the four essays cover my extra-curricular leadership efforts, so i’m forced to go for an optional essay as well!!(May be here I can reuse Tuck leadership essay with some tweaks)
In sum, with less than three weeks from submission,my essays for Ross are really in a bad shape. 🙁 But hopefully, I’ll be able to set things right soon. Maximum by Monday EOD, Ross first drafts will be dispatched to the reviewers.

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5 Responses to “Tuck essays::mixed reviews”

  1. sonibubu says:

    While it’s nice to have reviewer feedback for the essays, take them with a grain of salt. Only incorporate their suggested changes if you think those changes make your essays more compelling and a better representation of who you are. BTW, 4 reviewers may be stretching it, you will always get mixed feedback.

  2. Ashwanth says:

    “Can’t tell them that how the debugger was misbehaving…” LOL…I can totally understand what you are going through…had the same problem while writing my essays. I chose to provide the superficial details and avoid the ones that are too technical.

    BTW, how distant in the past is the story about the challenging time in your life? Anything in the last 5 years should be okay, I guess.

    Trust me, life becomes much easier once you revise the drafts after the initial reviews. You shouldn’t have any problems meeting the deadlines. All the best!

  3. missionmba says:

    Actually, I’ve chosen five. 🙂 The fifth one, an expert with grammar and editting, will pitch in for the final drafts.
    But you’re right, one must not lose his/her unique voice that comes thru the essays.. I’m going to weigh each advice individually b4 deciding to incorporate it.

    Ya, this is what I’m trying to do too:: leaving out the tech details, but then it doesn’t leave too much!! I’ll have to tread the middle path may be:: try to put tech details in some laymen language.
    And regardin the challengin time story,actually it is about 8 yrs old!! 😮

  4. Musings says:

    Now that you have begun.. things will only get better! the first one is the toughest!
    Happy snipping 🙂

  5. ahembeea says:

    You are on track buddy. I’d say to go ahead with your gut feeling as well for the essays and not take the reviewers’ comments so seriously as to change your complete essay!

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