Last week has been a week of confusion for me.. I was forced to drop Darden off my list  due to uncertainty surrounding the availbility of a no-cosigner loan. I had some insightful inputs from Touch, ahembeea and Achyu , which forced me to rethink my decision.  Touch brought forward a very valid point of requesting a deferral in case I have an admit and don’t get a loan..  Thanks guys for your suggestions..

Then, there were a couple of mail-exchanges with the Darden finaid director Larry, who ensured me that the school is trying its best to arrange for a scheme for international students and the deposit deadline will be readjusted to give the admits time to decide and to arrange funds. He also stressed on value of apping in R1, b’coz it’s in R1 that majority of merit-scholarships are given out. I also confirmed about the deferrals, which are actually awarded on a case-to-case basis. Larry has also left a comment on my previous post.

I’m really impressed by the school’s concern for deserving students and thus Darden is back in the list for me. I’m sure they’ll find a way out in case I manage to find a way in. 🙂

Propelled by this enthusiasm, I sat out yesterday evening and in a day, I have almost completed my first  drafts for all the three essays.. I had thought over the topics for quite some time, when I had got the news, so it didn’t take much time in assmbling my initial thoughts. Current status of the essays is draft version 0.9; After some basic more content addition, I’ll send my version 1.0 to my reviewers.

Right now, it’s Tuck time.. Giving final touch to the essays and filling up the data-forms. Also added the names of both my recommeders to the app-form. My recommeder #1  (my manager) is out-of-reach today, will call him tomorrow to push him in action ASAP. My recommender #2 (from my extra-curricular involvements) promised that she’ll be keying in the reco maximum byMonday.
Overall, Tuck application seems to be in good shape. (as far as timely submission is concerned at least. 🙂 ) I believe I’ll comfortably meet EA deadline.

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5 Responses to “Darden back on my list!! First drafts almost complete!!”

  1. ahembeea says:

    Now now, isn’t that what blogs are meant for? You have the chief knocking on your door to assuage any concerns that you had!!

  2. mechanigal says:

    Hey I’m at Darden and do rest assured that the school is working on getting intls a non-cosigner loan. We recd an email today about our own loans for the 2nd year and were also asked to reassure prospectives who were discouraged from applying because of the no-loan thing. Darden will not turn you away for not being able to afford tuition – if they did, then a whole bunch of us would have to drop out next year!
    Good luck with the app process!

  3. Ashwanth says:

    Good going bro…all the best with the app!

  4. Kiran says:


    Hope u are aware of this development.
    Citi has cancelled its citiassist loan program without cosigners.
    Bit of blow to international applicants.. -:(
    find more info here..


  5. missionmba says:

    I surely feel honoured to have Larry’s comment on the blog..
    Blogs surely do help a lot in networking and info-sharing..
    It’s both reassuring and frightening to read your post.. It’d really be scary to think of dropping out after a year!! But hopefully Darden does come up with sth for both the current students and the prospective ones.

    Thanks brother..

    Yup.. Am going thru this regularly.. Depresses me..
    But as of now, I’m trying to concentrate only on apping..

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