“Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata has gifted $50 million to Cornell University , his alma mater here, an endowment considered one of the most generous ever received from an international benefactor by an American university..

The gift announced by Cornell president David Skorton during his State of the University address on Friday will help recruit top Indian students to the campus…..

Now, don’t start jumping with excitement.. Things may take some time to materialise and doesn’t look that any os us (applicants for class of 2011) can be benefactors of this.. And then too, it’s for Cornell University, not only for Johnson School of Management.. (In fact, it’s especially focussed on fields like agriculture  and nutriton.) But surely good to see Indian corporate houses doing this.. This is a great way to serve your country and your alma-mater at the same time..

See more here…

Now, the interesting part… IS this not what ahembeea had predicted 3 months back!! 😮
Did you manage to send a link to your post to them, Ahembeea?  🙂

So what next: ADA scholarships at Wharton or Birla Scholarship @LBS.. 🙂

An update
The schol us only for undergrad studies: 🙁

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3 Responses to “Ratan Tata scholarships for Indians at Cornell”

  1. MBAlmighty says:

    Wow, this is great news!!! But as you said, it isnt quite clear how one gets the scholarship, or whether it is even valid for Johnson School! I’ll try and find out more.

    Thanks for posting it MissionMBA.

  2. ahembeea says:

    Mission – I should now claim some IPR on the ideas, right :-). It’d be a dream run for all of us if every highly placed alum decided to serve their alma mater this way!

  3. MBAlmighty says:

    Mission – Regarding this scholarship, it is only for undergraduates at Cornell. So it doesnt apply to MBA grads.

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