A couple of regular readers of this blog have dropped me mails asking me for the updates at my end. I agree that I was missing in action for quite some time. The reason for this is that there has been no significant update on the apping or result front for me since my last Darden submission.

But then, you don’t need a “significant” news for posting on your own blog, So here’s a quick round-up:

Tuck: Application submitted an hour before the EA deadline. Status changed to Complete in next 3 days.. No change since then. With AppleTuckBoy (BW forums) and Italian Stallion (PG forums) already getting invites about 1-2 weeks back, I am losing hope now. Only ray of hope is that they are perhaps visiting India in Dec first half. May be they’ve decided to keep Indian files on hold till then.. (AM I hoping too much?? I guess so :|)

Fuqua: Again submitted an hour before R1 deadline. No status change till date. With the EA applicants getting their results yesterday, I expect some action now for R1 applicants.

Darden: The status is showing “Application received.” As I get to know from other applicants, it’ll change to “Pending” (ready for review) next and then to “Under Review” before I can hope to get an invite. So it looks to be a long wait. 

Emory: This is what I am targetting next. Will submit my application in next two-three days. Theirs is a roling admission system. But it seems I have allowed it to roll for too long. Sometimes, I feel strict deadlines work better for me. I am sure I would have managed to submit on time had the deadline been some time around November 5 (non-rolling).

ISB: Have started the apps. Will manage to submit by their R2 deadline.

Kelley/UNC/Ross: My R2 targets (if need be) Will need to write TOEFL for Kelley and UNC. :'(

BTW, just saw this video from Darden. Ignore the obtrusive font size and you’ll really like this video:

These people are doing phenomenal marketing through youtube. ( I guess you must have already checked Sara Neher’s video-blog.) Videos like these are exactly what the international students need to get to know more about the school. And I am really impressed by the efforts the school is making to reach out to prospective students. Great going, Darden!!

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  1. Priyom says:

    Our choice of schools is exactly the same. I just love Darden – the culture, the sprawling campus….I would have loved to study there. All the best with your apps

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