We have received all necessary materials to consider your Duke MBA application complete for our Round 1. You will receive notification of an admission decision by December 19, 2008.

Please keep us updated on any changes to your addresses. If you need to update your E-mail address, please be sure to update your online application profile and send a written request with your new address to Application-Processing@Fuqua.Duke.Edu.

 I got this mail yesterday morning and was elated to think that finally my app is complete and must be heading for a review soon.. But as it turned out, the mail means that they have everything they need to decide on my candidature and they won’t be calling me for an interview. (A co-applicant  on PG has confirmed this from the adcom.)

Technically, I am not out of the game as they say that the interviews are not mandatory. However, realistically speaking, I know that I must now turn my focus to other schools as the Fuqua chapter is as good as closed. There is no way that they are going to admit just another IT applicant w/o an interview.

The decisions are to be released on Dec19. Keeping my expectations low, perhaps I would be now happy with a waitlist.

There’s an update to the above stuff. Please read my comment below.

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9 Responses to “Is this a ding from Fuqua?”

  1. suntaurian says:

    No this is not a ding from Duke…It just means that they just have all the material they need like ur app and the recos before they can give ur app to someone to review it…You should just hold ur horses and start waiting to hear back, if they like your profile and want to interview you……Good luck…!!!!

  2. ahembeea says:

    You mean you have a confirmation from adcom that this mailer means no interviews for us ?

  3. Ankit says:

    Oh , Did you confirm with them that Those who have got an “Application Complete” w/o an interview wont get any interview call or is there still hope for us


  4. wannabe_mba2009 says:

    Ouchh… Is that what it means? I got the same mail and had high hopes of Duke.
    I hope it means our apps are so strong that they don’t need an interview.. 🙂

  5. missionmba says:

    It seems the post has caused a lot of panic around.. Sorry for that..
    Good news is that “app complete” is “app complete”. This means that ur file is ready to be reviewd by the adcom..And I hav confirmed this from multiple applicants.. 🙂 People have received invite even upto a week after this mail..

    So no, I wont settle for a waitlist now.. Send me my interview invite, quick!! 🙂

  6. Ramesh says:

    I have decided just a week back to give GMAT. Was doing that early research when I some how luckily got see visit your blog. You are REALLY AMAZING! Mainly your planning. Its really been a grt learning experience going through this blog for a starter like me. Also was just wondering how you did all that practice tests! Did you register on 800score.com, bought manhattan, OG, Kaplan… Jus give me an idea how you did all these? And and and THANKS A LOT BUDDY!

  7. lee says:

    uh. you can set up your own interview at Fuqua, they interview anyone that wants to set one up. Not reading these directions/ not setting one up is a good chance at a ding though

  8. missionmba says:

    Please see my posts under “Gyan” category. u’ll get to know a lot abt GMAT stuff.. I got a lot of stuff from my friends. Just get a group of applicant friends and pool -in ur prep -material.

    I am surely aware of this. But the applicant-initiated interviews are only for those, who can interview at campus. For international applicants, interviews are by invitation only.

  9. wannabe_mba2009 says:

    Phew! I got my Duke interview invite today. Its an alumni interview – probably telephonic since he is not in Bangalore.
    Will be posting on businessweek forum post facto

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