Submitted my ISB submission today.

Some confusion was there about the submission deadlne time. Had got a mail from the adcom stating that The deadline for submitting your online application is 11:59:59 of Dec 1, 2008 (IST)

AFAIK, if you do not state AM/PM, the time should be taken to be in 24 hours format, which would make the submission deadline as 11:59 AM. Now, instead of confirming from the adcom, I decided to slog it out and meet the noon-deadline. So finally, I submitted my application at about 11:15 in the morning today. Called my recommender for the 5th/6th time since Saturday to remind him about it. And he submitted his recommendation in time too. After that the first thing I did was to check Pagalguy and there some R1 admit had confirmed that it’s actually 11:59 PM.

In any case, I am happy that I did it well in time. The essays have come out very well finally: surely my best set of essays so far. Though I am not sure whether they gave me chance to present my complete picture, but I am sure I did a very good job. If nothing goes wrong terribly, I am confident of getting an interview call. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other updates, Emory interviews have been suspended in wake of Mumbai events. And I am having my first B-school interview tomorrow. Fuqua had offered me a telephonic interview with an alum, but fortunately, the alum expressed interest in meeting me personally! The interview is scheduled at 6 in the evening tomorrow. I am nervous and excited, confident and scared allย at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜

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8 Responses to “ISB submission and other updates”

  1. Ashwanth says:

    Congrats on the submission dude!

    I heard about Emory cancelling its visit. Sad. Hope schools like Darden, that are scheduled to visit in mid dec, don’t do the same.

    All the best for Fuqua…

  2. MBAlmighty says:

    Alright, we are in the fray for ISB R2. Hope for the best!

    Good Luck with Fuqua… thats a really awesome school!

  3. musings says:

    All the best for ISB and Fuqua!

  4. Prashant says:

    ATB My man… for ISB as well as for Fuqua!

  5. ahembeea says:

    Do well, and show them what u have!

  6. The Teacher says:

    Hey, All the best for your interview.

  7. missionmba says:

    Thanks everybody for the wishes..
    I believe I did well in the interview and as ahembeea has commented above, I was perhaps abe to show them who I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

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