I submitted the Emory Appliucation earlier today.. Could not meet their recommended deadline (Dec 8 ) for international studdents. 🙁 My prcrastination and office-workload together share the blame for this.

Even today, the application won’t be considered complete. My recommenders have got the links earlier today and in all probabilities would be submitting within next 12 hours. And then, Goizueta Application office will compile the transcripts that I sent in mid-November and the GMAT score that I had sent on my G-day (June 2007) . And only then, the app would be ready for review.  It seems that it’ll take at least 2-3 days more..  😐

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  1. ahembeea says:

    I guess thats affordable considering that the admission is a rolling process. Mine will perhaps take even longer as the transcript would reach them by the end of this week + I got to chase one of my recommenders!

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