Not sure what to make out of it..
I got shortlisted for an interview.. ( Not many international students got an invite) I had as good an interview as it could be.. And after all this, this is the result!!.

Feeling shattered! Waiting for another blow in next 24 hours with Tuck results coming up.

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8 Responses to “Stunned!! Fuqua dings me!!”

  1. Prashant says:

    Cool down my man, this is not the end of the road. Keep your fingers crossed as far as Tuck is concerned.

    God has thought well of you in his plans, so if things do not seem to working as you think, it’s just because He has different plans for you.

    Cheer up!

  2. ahembeea says:

    Its absolutely shocking to hear this. I didnt even get interviewed, but was extremely hopeful that you’d get through.
    It just means you’ve got better things in store. Don’t let this one bother you.

  3. Ashwanth says:

    Shocking indeed. But don’t let it bog you down. There are other good schools to look forward to. I, like many others, am rooting for your admission into a great school….

  4. incarnated says:

    As a Fuqua ding myself, I can totally relate to your pains….. Dont let it get to you, Perhaps you have better things (admit from a better school) in store ??

  5. kurian joseph says:

    Hi man me in same boat. I applied to schools ranked higher than duke… so bit confused whether I will get admitted to any schools.. I think my leader of consequence essay was not up to the mark… so r u publishing u r essays to duke.even i am interested in doing the same.. now preparing for tepper in round 2. best of luck.
    kurian joseph

  6. McCoy says:

    Better things for you in the store.. for sure…
    dont lose the spirit.. this is the real test… you ll get to one of the best schools..
    i hope.. this makes you even stronger..

  7. missionmba says:

    Thank you all for this encouragement!! The post was written 10 minutes after I got the ding, so u can imagine the mood.
    Now surely, I am feeling much better..

    Actually, the ranking system doesn’t always reflect ur chances of admit.. I have seen HBS admits getting rejected by lesser known schools..

    I don’t really think that my essays were bad.. In fact, I do believe that I tackled the LoC essay partciularly well. But, I don’t actually plan to publish my essays on the blog.. The essays are very personal in content and it was a bit hard for me to share them even with my closest friends.

  8. Premjeet says:


    Thats quite shocking…I came across your profile some days back only while trying to understand the status of my Duke application…

    WIth the fact that you had an interview, I thought you had made it…Its actually quite strange that you did not get through…

    I dont know what they are looking at…The diversity factor should have come into picture atleast…

    But yes, there is still more to come…Best of luck with Tuck man!!!

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