New year started on a good note.. I came back after a vacation and the first thing I did after entering my room was to connect to the internet and check my mail. (Hadn’t checked for last 36 hours) And there it was!! The holy mail inviting me for an interview on Jan 9. 🙂

Well, this wasn’t unexpected. I had written my essays well and I believe my profile is strong enough to make them interested to meet me. But then, stranger things have happenned last year. So it’s surely pleasant to hear from them.

The real task begins now!! Need to prep well for the interview. I have been going through the PG thread on ISB and that has been of immense help in gearing me up. Hope I can pull it off this time and start the new year in style!!

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11 Responses to “ISB calls!!”

  1. MBAlmighty says:

    Congrats and all the best! The new year surely started off well for you. Good Luck mate! 🙂

  2. McCoy says:

    All the best San..
    do well.. 🙂

  3. Akash says:

    Congratulation Buddy…

    And all the best 🙂

  4. Prashant says:

    ATB my man, do well.

  5. ahembeea says:

    Congrats! You’ll do great in the i/v.

  6. Congratulations on your ISB interview invitation!
    Check out the MBA Interview Feedback Database at
    to find out what questions have been asked at ISB.
    Please share your interview experience after your interview. Doing so will automatically enroll you in Accepted’s It’s a 10! Contest and allow the database to continue to grow.

    Good Luck!
    Deborah Saltzman

  7. The Teacher says:

    All the best for the interview. Keep your cool and you’ll do well.
    My best wishes.

  8. Varma says:

    Congrats !!!
    All the best !!

  9. missionmba says:

    Thanks for the wishes..
    I hope to post the good news here very soon..

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