Well, in case the title made you assume that I have some good news to share, then Iam sorry for that. It’s just that finally I have decided that I am not going for any plan B (as discussed in this post ) at least for this year. For some schools that I was considering, I could not finally convince myself to apply to. One or two that I was considering a little more seriously didn’t allow me to the waive the TOEFL requirement. Sadly no TOEFL dates were available b4 Jan deadline for any of them. (Yes, I know that I was late in my planning) And I don’t want to be a last-round applicant anywhere b’coz I seriously need some funding..

So what next?? Ihave decided that I am not going to apply anywhere else this year. I would rather concentrate on the interviews of the remaining schools. Here’s a quick wind up of the four threads that are still active:

  • Tuck: They have written back after waitlisting me and an interview is coming up in first week of Feb. I am also getting an additional reco from professional front. There have been some positive updates for me professionally. (No promotion yet, but some increase in responsibilities) Hope my recommender covers these well.
    But one thing that worries me is the money-factor. Even if Tuck takes me in, I doubt the availability of fin-aid for a candidate that they had earlier decided to waitlist. 😐
  • Emory: The interview is coming up in a week from now. I do feel that I have a good chance here.
  • ISB: Interview done. The results would be coming on Feb 10. The wait is already killing me. Not sure how I am going to survive waiting for three more weeks.
  • Darden: This has been pretty weird. I have dug extensively on BW forums, Pagalguy and admissions411. No Indian applicant has reported an invite yet. The official interview dates were upto Jan 9 only and although Darden says that they can decide to interview a candidate any time b4the decision date, I have almost lost all my hopes. But I find it improbable that they have already sent out invites to Indians, but none of those in active on  any forums. Somehow I get a feeling that if they don’t call me for the interview b4 the decision date, another WL is coming my way on Jan30. ( Naah, I don’t believe that they’ll ding me w/o an interview.)

So as you can see, it is not all rosy. But still,as shahrukh says in OSO, “Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost.” (“The movie is not yet over, my friend”) I am hopeful that the movie will end on a happy note in next few weeks.

PS: Some of u may have guessed this already; The title of the post (“i think i’ll stop here”)  is a quote from a current favourite book: Fermat’s last theorem. It’s an amazing book, do read it.

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4 Responses to “i think i’ll stop here!!”

  1. Tough luck, dude. Maybe next year…

  2. Prashant says:

    Well, until you take the final step, the journey is still on. ATB!

  3. Avi, Denver,USA says:

    That’s true, its extremely tough this year. I have visited schools and applied to 11 schools with 690 and 7yrs work exp in IT with 4yrs in US. I didnt applied to top 10 schools. And still got ding from most of them..the schools, i woundlt have looked at like marshall and fisher, kelley..they are rejecting indians with 740,750 score..so i decided to go for MS instead for now..i need to get out of job…lol

    good luck!!

  4. vishal says:

    Best of luck man!!!!

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