I had my interview with Goizueta Business School (Emory) last Friday.. The interview was mostly conversational with no tricks or traps. ( at least  none that I could locate 🙂 )

The interview started with the interviewer explaining to me about how the interview will proceed and how the interview fits in the entire process. After that we were on to the main course. AFAIK, it was a blind interview and my resume was the only thing that she had from my application. And there were a lot of Qs directly from my resume. Some of the Qs that i remember (in the order that I recall them):

  • Tell me about this “Art of Living” course. (Had mentioned on my resume, Told her about the course that I had completed and how I continue to draw benefits from the same for managing stress)
  • Tell me about your current project. (Told her that currently I am in a transition phase as my team is getting changed. Then covered the new role shortly and the work that I have done in my current team in detail)
  • About the new role: do you know any of the guys beforehand? (No, though I have now attended a few meetings with them) 
  • Business School is a lot like this, you get to meet a lot of people and you need to start off as soon as you join. How do you react to such situation?  (Explained with an example of my first project in the current job. She complimented me for quoting an appropriate example to stress my point.)
  • Why did you leave your job in company X? ( Told her about the learnings and some good things from my company X experience, then told her that the work had become a bit repetitive and I was looking for more challenges)
  • Tell me how you went about getting a job in company Y. (Told her that company Y is one of the most selective in industry. Explained the process in detail. She sounded impressed ; told me that getting in Emory is surely not that hard. 😀 ) 
  • Why MBA? Why now? (No “Why Emory” explicitly)
  • What do you look in a school when you consider apping to it? (Here goes “Why Emory” indirectly)
  • Leadership experience. ( Told in details about my extra-curricular pursuits)
  • What would you contribute to Goizueta community? Which clubs would interest you?
  • Tell me about  time when you went an extra mile. (Told a work-related story)
  • What do you know about Atlanta? (Told her that I am a quiz-guy and no business Quiz is complete without a Q on COca-Cola. (She loved that!!) Told her what I know about Coca-cola, Sun-Trust Bank and Olympics. Also quoted the comment from one of the students when she was asked what she loved most about Atlanta. (Location! Location!! Location!!)
  • After this, she went on to describe Atlanta’s location in detail and some advantages of being in such a location. (This sounded positive. 🙂 )
  • One word that your (a ) Boss (b) colleagues (c) extra-curricular group members (d) family and friends would use to describe you. (Gave some adjectives; was not asked to substantiate any of this)/* There were some more Qs, which I don’t remember now.  Will add if and when I recall)

She stopped here and ask me  if i have any Qs. I asked about GALA. She explained in detail and them mentioned that getting into GALA is not that easy, but surely that is not as hard as me getting into company Y. (WOw!! She remembered what we had discussed right at the start..  This sounded good. 🙂 ) Then, I asked about the possibility of getting a no-cosigner loan. She mentioned that this option is no longer available to intebnational students, but advised me to look for innovative ways like getting multiple cosigners. ( I just hope that this Q does not make her believe that I dont have the money)

Overall, the interview was a very good experience. There were lots of “great!!”, “Your teammates must love you for that.”, “That’s no small achievement” kind of comments. I am very much hopeful on this. I do hope that I’ll make it. Keeping my fingers crossed!! 🙂

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  1. jinu says:

    I am applying to Emory this season…I hope my interview is just as conversational as yours… ISB was damn technical!

    btw bumped into your blog – i donno how but its good to see someone who has chosen Emory over ISB. Ive been battling with this for a while!

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