Just completed a telephonic interview with Tuck. (I apped in EA round, was waitlisted and then they wrote back saying that they would like to interview me)

The interview was very generic. There were no surprises. It wasn’t a blind interview. I believe she had my full application in front of her or at least, had gone through that in full. 

Here’re the Qs asked in the exact order that they were asked: 

  • Tell me something about yourself covering your education, work-ex and your motivation for an MBA. (Answered as usual, but while covering work-ex, mentioned the switch from company X  to  company Y and underlined that company Y is very selective. (This was a lesson from Goizueta Interview 😀 ) )
  • You mentioned company Y is very selective. Why do you think so? And why did they select you? (Explained the rigorous process. As expected, she was impressed. 🙂  Then, mentioned my traits like technical excellence, problem solving skills and teamwork)
  • Tell us about a work-related team-story. (Told)
  • What do your colleagues admire most about you? ( Quoted some qualities, with example. got appreciation)
  • Motivation for an MBA now. (Told, she sounded convinced)
  • Why Tuck? (Explained in detail, Clubs, courses, reputation; connected with my goals; she liked my homework) 
  • How did you get to know about Tuck? (Told the whole story starting with the first time I saw the name in one of the rankings to the alum-hosted admission event. Mentioned how I loved the way their alum stood for them once they needed to postpone the visit. Told them how even I am connected strongly with my alma-mater. She liked this.) 
  • Tell us tour involvement with Toastmasters. (Explained in detail how TM made me a better speaker, better leader anda a better person. Mentioned that I’d like to rejuvenate Tuckmasters, the now defunct TM club of Tuck. She complimented me on that saying that TM is really a gr8 organization to be involved with.)
  • Any additional info that you’d like admissions-committee to know. ( Told about recent updates from work-front. She again sounded impressed and asked me to send a detailed note for this.) 

Next, she asked if i have any specific Qs related to the WL process or anything else. Here r the Qs i asked:

  • Next step for WL candidates. (Nothing. It’s a long wait and all the waitlisted candidates would be evaluated at the end of last round. )
  • What abt internationals? Don’t you encourage internationals to apply early to avoid Visa-hassles?? ( Yup, They are seeing to it that if possible, international candidates are notified a bit earlier. But that too will take at least a couple of months.)
  • Any chance of schol/finaid for us. (Schol: no chances, all decissions with admit-decisions; finaid: chances are there.)
  • Possibility of a no-cosigner loan? (Tuck is still looking, but the last she knew, there was no improvement in situation.)

Overall,  the interview went very well. I was very confident this time. (Goizueta effect maybe) I guess it was the kind taht would have got me a seat at Tuck, had it been a regular interview. EVen now i guess it may fetch me a seat some time in May.

But I don’t  intend to wait that long. In next two days, I’ll write to update them about my Goizueta result and request then to either release the result or release me off the waitlist. In any case, an admit w/o scholarship or possibility of a loan is as good as a ding for me. So better move out of the waitlist and make way for someone else.

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4 Responses to “Tuck Interview Experience”

  1. Vasu says:

    You would be making a blunder if you don’t opt for Tuck. Tuck is Ivy League. Ivy League admission and network is a class of its own.

    It is a foolish decision to go for Emory just because you got a full tuition waiver. Ivy League education is a life long investment. My feeling is you will get some sort of aid in Tuck too. Merit scholorships in USA are mostly given based on GMAT scores.

    I personally visited Tuck campus. It is set in a valley. So you wont have the benefit of a big city like Atlanta. That is the only downside. You should consider what are your benefits for longterm, not just a 2 yr tuition fee. To begin with, you can just see the list of alumni on wikipedia and compare that with Emory. There is a huge difference.

  2. Kiran says:

    Congrats Again !! you are having a roller coaster ride after months of hard work.. gud work.. I second Vasu’s opinion ( above ) .. i feel that you have to strongly consider TUCK before your final decision..

  3. Priyom says:

    Great interview – hope Emory also has a TM club for you to take forward 🙂

  4. Omne says:

    Sounds like a positive interview experience and I hope you choose whichever school is best for you.

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