/* Got the packets on Monday. Posting 3 days late */

Going through the life-cycle of a number of MBA applicants through their blogs, I knew that after getting the admits, the next wait is for the official confirmation in forms of admission-packets. It’s a bit strange that even in this world of web and e-mails, how good it feels to have something tangible to see and show up. 

So I too was waiting for the official admission packets. In fact, I was regularly tracing the journey of my packet from Atlanta through  Hongkong through  Mumbai to finally Noida through the UPS tracking system. I was really waiting quite eagerly for this one. And suddenly, just 2 minutes after I had checked the status to be “Arrival-scan” at New Delhi, I got a mail from the office-mailroom informing me about the arrival of a letter for me. “They can’t be that quick”, I thought, but still reached the mailroom almost jumping and running on my way.

It was not the packet from Goizueta, it was the acceptance letter from ISB. The ISB letter was quite plain. It was simply the original mail this time in hard-copy format. No additional info of any kind. But as written above, it felt good to go through the contents again and again. 

And then, in the evening, the mailroom people contacted me again. And this time, it had to be from Goizueta!! I cut short whatever conversation I was having with my colleagues and rushed to the mailroom minutes before its closure for the day. And there it was: my admissions packet from the school that I’ll hopefully belong to in near future. The packet had a black leather folder with a Goizueta notepad. In addition, there were two letters one each about my acceptance and scholarship. And the best part was: a handwritten note by Director of Admissions, Mrs Julie Barefoot complementing me on my acadmic credentials. A personal touch like this surely does make you feel good. 

I was really very happy to see this. Monday wasn’t particularly a good day for me at office: some health issues, some struggle with the new line of work and then some more things.. But a moment like this makes you forget everything else. 

BTW, as you may have realized from the new category that has come up on this blog: “Go Goizueta!!”, I have frozen my decision to attend Goizueta. Have I arranged for the living expenses and other things already? Not yet! But I am confdent that I will be able to figure that out. Meanwhile, I initiated the wire-transfer for the initial deposit, but for some reason, it failed. (I got the mail informing about the same today morning.) I perhaps would need to do it the old fashioned way.(money order/DD)  🙁

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3 Responses to “Admissions packet arrive :-)”

  1. Vanita says:

    Congratz Shobhit, I have been following your blog for a long time now. I am also in IT and located in New Jersey. Me and my husband, we both are in IT and MBA aspirants.Well, I don’t know when MBA will happen, but your blog do encourages me alot..

    Best of luck!! Will wait for the nest posts and maybe once ur here, we can talk sometime…

    best wishes

  2. Abbasy says:

    Congrats again! I have gotten into the same program at Goizueta with the full scholarship as well. So do write to me at reza_abbasy [AT] yahoo we can plan things out together.

  3. maverick says:

    I am glad to see that you have frozen your decision. That does leaves it to executing things now…congrats n atb! Me too waiting to experience the heavenly feeling of getting my hands on the app packet.

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