I was going through my blog’s dashboard today, when an old draft caught my eye and I was reminded of a promise that I made  right at the start of apping-process last year. Recognizing my efforts on this blog, Clearadmit had offered me a free sample of their school guide for The Fuqua School of Business. I was so happy to recieve it that I had promised an honest review for the guide on my blog whenever I get time. And then, it completely slipped out of my mind.

Anyways, better late than never.. Here’s the review, picked up directly from the incomplete draft that I had started 7-8 months back.. 

Am just back from a visit to the Fuqua. Amazing school!! The trip surely makes the school tied with Ross and Tuck as my top choice. Everything i had heard about “Team Fuqua” was true.One of the current students assured me: “There really is a ‘we do it together’ mentality here; it’s not just marketing. ”  And with my immediate goal of moving to consulting and long term entrepreneurial dreams, Fuqua seems to be an ideal choice for me. Durham seems to be an amazing town too: lively and interesting at the same town. 

Well, if you either follow me or this blog regularly, the preceding para must have appeared weird to you. Till my last post (or the last time you met me) , I had no plans of being in the States and here, I am writing a post about a visit to Duke. Yup, you are right. I didn’t visit the school really. I am just back from a virtual visit to the school. 

Thanks to a kind gesture from clearadmit, I got to read the Fuqua School guide and believe me it’s the closest that you can get to a school in case you are unable to visit it actually.The guide starts with some key highlights about the Fuqua MBA and some history, moves on to some data charts depicting the student demographics. After that it delves deep into the acaedmic structure detailing the core courses and the electives. There’s special focus on things that make Fuqua MBA different from all others. And then there’s something which made me love Fuqua even more: a detailed discussion on Student-consulting and entrepreneurship. The guide also covers life at and after Fuqua too quite well. 

Yes, most of the stuff is something that you can find if you go through the site thoroughly, attend their admission-events and contact a number of students and alumni. But not all of us have the time and resources to do all this. And believe me, I actually did all of the things that I have listed above and hence, many things were just reminders to me. but still, there were a number of things that were new to me too and I guess that can create a difference, when I answer “Why Fuqua”. 

Most of the stuff above was written when I had not started on Fuqua. But as I look back, I am confident that knowing Fuqua in and out surely made some difference in my essays, which got me a call for the interview. Even in my interview, there were stages, when the alum interviewer looked quite impressed with my homework on the school. (Just to point out: I didn’t get an admit, but don’t hold  this against the guide. 🙂 )

In short, I’d recommend this guide to anybody, who doesn’t have an opportunity to visit the school in person. 

PS: Don’t ask me to forward the guide to you. I won’t be doing that, although I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have b4 u go ahead and purchase it.

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  1. Jose Urteaga says:

    Where should I buy the fuqua guide?

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