Quoting directly from the first post on this blog:

Why I’m writing this blog?? Well, I too am not very sure why.. Was just reading Inblue’s MBA story when the thot struck. I guess it’d be gud to jot down my progress as I go on for my GMAT journey.. As a matter of fact, I do keep a track on a notrbook. But I guess a blog may be a better idea. <snip>

Also would be posting my AWA essays overhere. Visiting janta, please be generous enuf to evaluate those.

The more important part will come on the other side of the G-day when I begin apping. Have not decided which schools to apply to yet, but I hope this blog to help me organise myself better. 

You see when I started this blog, I was not exactly sure why i am doing that. Work-load, GMAT preps, extra-curriculars.. were these not enough to keep me busy? Was starting off with an applicant blog really a good step? Well, as I look back, it has been one of the best steps I have taken along the apping journey. 

This is one of the things that I suggest to every B-school applicant who comes to me for advice. Not many do start and only some of them do maintain regularity on their blogs. (Amongst my applicant friends, I only remember McCoy, who is still alive on blogosphere.) So I decided to post something about blogging here and may be that will get some more guys in.. (BTW, those who know me in person, know that it’s not only the apping blog that I promote; I also encourage people around me to start personal blogs. )

Here’s what your blog can achieve for you:  (in no particular order) 

  •  It can serve as a log-book: If you are like me, chances are that you like to keep a log of things-to-do and things-completed in whatever you do. Why should your apping be any different? And keeping it online has advantages of regular scrutiny by co-applicants and the Gurus. 
  • Get your AWA essays reviewed for free: Agreed that AWA is a not-that-important component of the GMAT. But at the same time, it’s the only component for which which you do not get enough material to score you. Post your essays online and  you’re sure to get some very useful reviews. 
  • Networking!!:  An international MBA is all about networking. All you need to start networking is to keep updating your blog and keep visiting the blogs of fellow applicants and current students. If you are lucky, you may get some very good friends through this exercise.  It was through blogigng that I got in touch with ahembeea. We became good friends and chatted regularly. Little did we know at that time that we would end up going to the same school!! 🙂 (There’re a number of other good friends I gained through blogging, you can find some of them on the Blogroll on right)
  • Info-gathering: Blogs are primarily for info-sharing. Can these be used for info-gathering? For an answer to this Q, see the comments section of any popular blog. If you keep your blog alive enough, you can be sure of getting the right answers to any Q that you may have just by posting it in your post. 
    The high point of this blog was when I got a comment from Larry Muller, Director of Fin-aid at Darden on one of my posts.  I had dropped Darden off my list at that time and it was this comment plus some follow-up to it that brought Darden back on my list. 
  • A loyal audience: If it’s already 3+ months that you’re into the apping and GMATting thing, you must already be knowing it. Once you’re into into it, you keep thinking of the schools, essays and similar things 24X7. If people around you are not co-applicants, very soon you’d find them getting bored of your blabbering. Don’t bore them, tell us your stories (through your blog) We’d  listening for sure!!
  • Congratulations and Consolations: The joy of acceptance or the pain of a ding: both of these need to be shared. It really feels good when within hours of your sharing a good news with people you have never met, you get a flurry of congratulatory messages. But it feels even better, when you are broken up after a ding and these strangers come and cheer you up with their comments on your post. 
  • Job-offers and freebies!! :-o: This may seem unlikely, but I know at least one instance of this happening. Somebody at Deloitte offered to forward iday‘s resume in his company if he agreed to post a promotional video from Deloitte on his highly popular blog.  And as an example of the freebies that you may get if you r lucky,  I got a free copy of Clearadmit Fuqua guide as a recognition of my efforts on this blog.  
  • Your own writing space!!: Last but not the list, your blog is your area: you dictate the rules here. So you can give vent to your emotions, without any fear of grammatically and politically correct language or word-limits. This may seem insignifcant as of now. But trust me, this point would hold meaning when in one essay after another, you would be forced to tell the most important stories of life in 600, 500 or even 250 words!! 
    It’s such a breather to come back  to your blog and keep scribbling down without fear of being verbose. (See the last para of this post for a sample of this relief)

    Gradually you become so attached to your blog  that very often the first thing that you’d do after a submission, acceptance, ding or an interview, is to go and post it on your blog. (See my posts from mid-Oct to Late Jan for some examples)

    These are just few of the things my blog has achieved for me. Will add more to the list ( a bit sleepy right now :-|) But i guess this much is sufficient for you to start a blog of your own.  🙂

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5 Responses to “Apping for Co2012?? Start a blog now!!”

  1. Really like the post and could not agree more. I wish that I had begun blogging much earlier in the process.

  2. P O D says:

    I couldn’t agree more on this, I have been a regular reader of a number of blogs over the last few years, but was just not able to bring myself to write. Having said that, now that I’ve started, am beginning to like it quite a lot, and its the best way of getting and moreover staying in touch with fellow applicants and would-be classmates.

  3. […] With test prep and application deadlines looming, Mission MBA wondered some time ago whether starting an applicant blog was really a good idea. “Well, as I look back,” he says, “It has been one of the best steps I have taken […]

  4. Dreamer says:

    I think the whole ‘write-ur-blog’ thing helps a lot by providing some sort of discipline to ur prep. think abt the guilt of not updating ur blog for a longtime that drives u to do something and write it.
    I myself have experienced it @ http://mymaidenjourney.blogspot.com/

  5. Anagha says:

    I’m applying for Co 2012…
    I have a reasonably well maintained personal blog and have started a new1 for GMAT journey…
    Will start posting soon!!!
    I wish my blog helps some one like yours did help me!!!

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