When I wrote  about benefits of blogging your B-school journey, I missed out an important point: Recognition. It always feels good, when you get appreciated for something that you did without anticipating any recognition. As seen in my blogroll and also noted here, I have always considered clearadmit, accepted and stacyblackman to be three terrific resources for apping process. And to be recognized by the Gurus, it surely feels wonderful. 

So here’s the news: Within last 2 weeks I got two distinct recognitions for my blogging efforts:

  • Beautiful B-school Contest: This is an annual contest organized by accepted.com. I would have loved to participate, but the only B-school that I had visited in apping process (ISB,Hyderabad) was not on the list of schools for the contest. When I got a comment on my blog regarding the contest , I thought it to be an invitation to participate. But it wasn’t an invite to participate in the contest, it was an invite to be judge in the contest!!! Yes, I am a judge for the contest!! I was really thrilled at this and almost immediately sent my confirmation.
    BTW, if you are reading this and do have some B-school snaps in ur kitty, rush!!! The contest is still on, but the last date is just around the corner. Details can be found here
  • Best of Blogging Contest: Another annual feature: this one’s by clearadmit. I must appreciate them for  encouraging the blogging habit amongs applicants and students alike through this annual feature and their weekly feature: “Fridays from the frontline” We all love our names to be in print or on-screen  (Not a very apt web-equivalent of in-print, but i guess u got the sense) and I must admit that a number of times, I found time out of a busy week to write something down, just because I never want to be missed out from FFF. And most of the times, I have successfully managed to stay on the list. (For some reason, I do not figure that regularly in stacyblackman equivalent of FFF: “Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz” 🙁 )
    Thanks clearadmit for initiating the BoBs and FFF and for nominating me to this year’s list. Congratulations to the fellow-nominees!! ( As expected, I can see so many familiar names there!!) May the best blogger win!!

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  1. Bhavya says:

    Good going 🙂

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