As an admitted international MBA candidate, we know that you may need a loan to finance your MBA education.  Like other top-tier MBA Programs, Goizueta Business School is actively exploring loan programs for international students that may not require a U.S. citizen co-signer.  As soon as we have additional information about these programs, we will contact you immediately via email.  In addition, we will post any updates on our admitted student website.

The first time I saw this message on the Goizueta Accepted students website, I found it quite reassuring. But now, it has been over 2 months that I am seeing the same message. And now I am very much worried. As stated earlier too, I do not have any US-based cosigner. And I had shortlisted my schools keeping this criterion in mind. But the recession has chaged everything. 

There was a ray of hope when there was this news about GMAC coming up with a loan program  for international students at 40+ schools from US and Europe. I had even confirmed from Emory adcom that the school is on the loan program list and talks were on with the GMAC guys. But since then, there has been no updates on the issue.

In last few weeks, many schools have come up with some program for internationals. Booth, Darden, Yale and Wharton have already confirmed. Some more like Fuqua have assured that they’ll come up with something. I hope Goizueta comes up with something soon. 

I understand that in worst case, the school will be ready to give me a deferral. But am I prepared to wait for another year? Naah!! EVen the thought is scary. Now that I am already in the B-school mode (I should rather say non-techie mode), I feel like quitting my job today.  If it were not for a few extra bucks, which I desperately need anda few extra moments, which I want to spend with my friends at workplace, I would perhaps have already left. But no, I am not in a condition to go for coding and debugging for an extra year. 

So dear Goizueta, please come up with something for your international students. Joining you has been a dream, it would really pinch if it slips away after being so close.

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5 Responses to “Worrying about loans :-(”

  1. Nitin says:


    How are you doing?

    My comment is completely out of context to your post.

    First of all thanks for maintaining a nice blog and sharing valuable information with b-school applicants.

    I have a question regarding “Reliance Stanford Scholarship”. The application form asks for “Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), and/or Common Admission Test (CAT)” scores. Does these refer to IIT JEE exam scores and IIM CAT scores ?

    Do we get scores in IIT JEE now?

    Or I’m on a different page …. Can you please clarify these doubts?


  2. ahembeea says:

    Cheer up! At least you’re not alone, if thats a consolation 😉

  3. P O D says:

    hmmm…no doubt the thought is rather scary…but the school should be coming up with something soon enough, as plenty of applicants would have made similar plans, things would hopefully work out. wish you all the best!

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