A proud moment for me as a Goizuetan: Today the NYSE closing bell was rung from the courtyard of Goizueta Business School. This was the first time ever that the bell was rung from any educational institute..

Here’s a glimpse of the moment (Although no video can match up the experience of being on the spot of creation of history)

Really proud to be a part of Goizueta family!!

PS: I know that this blog is missing in action for some time now. I promise the readers that I’ll be back very soon providing you the live coverage of my life at Emory..

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  2. Hi there ,

    I met one of the AdCom representatives from Emory yst’dy at an MBA fair and mentioned that I read a couple of Emory student blogs and guess what…she asked me “Whose blodg do you read?” and even b4 I answered she asked “Amit’s?” and I replied in affirmative.
    Kudos Amit šŸ™‚


    • missionmba says:

      Wow!! this is motivating.. šŸ™‚ I think u must have met Kate…
      As promised, i’ll get back to blogging soon, though maynot be as frequent in posting as i used to be..

  3. Yup , you’re right. It was Kate indeed.
    Life @ school must be pretty grinding….keep posting whenever you can..chow for now.

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  5. snipertrader says:


    I have been following ur blog for sometime now. I have some questions about emory which i hope you could answer. Is there anyways i can get in touch with u.

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