Posted this “comment” on a recent post by a fellow-applicant McCoy
After I had finished, I realised that the comment had already acquired the size of a post. So why  not post it on my own blog and compensate for the recent lack of activity. 🙂 Some R2 applicants and applicants to class of 2012 may find it useful.

Not sure what your mentor told u. But I go by this classification (mostly similar to yours):
1) The closest friend: who can tell whether u r projecting the right picture of ur personality. Smbody, who can point out “Hey, why don’t u mention that incident?”

2)The BSchool guy: (Alum,current student)These are the guys who have been through the process; they know what it takes to get through.

3)The Grammarian: Try getting  in touch with your English school-teacher, your journalist aunt or may be your college-magazine student editor: somebody whose grasp on the language is impeccable. This person can point out errors of flow and grammar.

4)The colleague: Somebody who know you in professional capacity. (Your recommender may be one of the best choices for this.) You may choose to handover only the essays on professional topics to this person.(if you dont want to reveal your personal side to him.)

5) The Adcom Eye: Somebody who knows u only thru chats/mails. Whose only window to know u will be your essays. This is important as this will be the view the adcom will have to your candidature. In most cases, this would be a co-applicant, wom u have met online. (Of course, do ur homework on this person b4 u choose to handover ur essays to him.)

This surely is not a non-overlapping classification. Your best friend can be your colleague as well as a master of language. The B-school guy you get to pick may not know u first-hand and can serve the purpose of the adcom eye.

Final advice: Don’t drown yourself in a sea of reviews. Different people will have different opinions, but your application is your story; it’s your opinion that matters most. Make sure that u don’t lose your voice that’s coming out of ur essays. I, too, have used many reviewers for my Tuck and Darden essays and I know that I have ignored many,many of those review-comments because I felt that incorporating those may have affected the message I wanted to deliver.

Please note this is strictly what I feel works for me. Some Gurus strictly advise against having more than two reviewers.  ( As you may have noticed, I too would prefer fewer reviewers, if the multiple roles listed above can be played by a single person.)

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3 Responses to “Who should review your essays?”

  1. Prashant says:

    I agree with most of what you say – in fact, my essays for the ISB were reviewed by my wife, a very close friend (the grammarian) and a current student at the ISB.

    However, what I feel is missing in your post is the explicit statement that “you are entitled to reject any opinion as you deem fit”.

  2. mbagameplan says:

    Hello! I wrote about this topic recently on my blog: http://mbagameplan.wordpress.c.....ssay-tips/ . Good luck!

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