Feeling so happy!! Just got my first interview call!! I had submitted a request for an applicant-initiated initerview with Goizueta Business School. And they have decided to meet me this Saturday. 🙂

Now, this call is surely not unexpected.. When they’re shortlisting on basis of GMAT score and resume, I was almost sure that I’d make the cut. But still an interview call is an interview call and a special one, if it’s the first one of ur apping season.

Feeling a bit panicky now… Need to slog it out in next 4 days.. (In parallel, am also doing ISB apps. 🙁 )

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  1. bubbleburster says:

    Hi, not to burst your bubble or anything, but Emory does not have an “interview cut.” They interview anyone and everyone who requests, even if your app is not yet submitted! So on the one hand don’t walk in overconfident that you survived a “cut,” because they will wonder if you really researched their admissions procedures. On the other, realize that their very open policy makes for a very relaxed, friendly interview.

    Anyway, my interview with them was fairly straightforward, blind, on campus, with a recent alum. She asked me to discuss my resume, my team experiences, leadership experiences, and an example of managing multiple projects. They are VERY big on leadership.

  2. missionmba says:

    Thnx 🙂

    I know that anybody, who requests an on-campus interview with Emory,gets one. (This is similar to many other schools, Kelley, Tuck.) but for the off-campus interviews, they can’t interview everyone, when they’re in the city for half a day (and that too a city like New Delhi!).. right??
    Of course, the screening procedures are not as strigent are the ones in case of regular adcom-initiated interviews.. But they do use the GMAT score and the resume for shortlisting.
    BTW< thanks for ur sharing ur experience. 🙂

  3. ahembeea says:

    Great ! So we’ll finally get to meet on the 29th 🙂

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  5. Kiran says:


    I believe World MBA tour is postponed in India.
    Am i rite ?
    If Yes, how do we reschedule this interview ?
    Please let me know.


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