Posting after a long time, almost a month.. Have been very busy lately.. Office work, visa-documentation, trips with friends (there have already been four this year and at least, one more in pipeline) and some more stuff..  Amidst all these, I finally found time for something that I was planning for over a year now: moving my blog to my own website. Finally, I did it, though many changes like finalizing the blog template (current look is a temporary one) and enabling Google-search are still in queue.. 

In other updates, 

  • Goizueta hasn’t finalized the loans yet, though they have confirmed availability. A bit worried about these, but still positive. 
  • I’ll be getting my I-20 today.. Once I have that, I’ll be booking the dates for visa-interview. 
  • Had a get-together with the other three Delhi-admits to Goizueta 2 weeks back.. Lively fellows! Hope life would be enjoyable with ppl like these around. 
  • Puuting in my papers this Monday.. Coincidentally, I am resigning from this phase of corporate life precisely on the day that I had started it. (I started my career 4 years back on June 1, 2005.)

Now that the blog is in decent shape, I’ll get back to the promises that I had made to the readers of the blogs.. Posts on school-selection, Essay-topic analysis to all schools that I had applied to (Except Darden, where I didn’t manage to get any calls) and  some posts specific to Goizueta have been long overdue.. Stay tuned, all of these would be coming in soon..

2 Responses to “ is now”

  1. Akash says:

    Bahut achche, badhai ho 🙂

  2. Bhavya says:

    Good luck for everything that is pending, and wish you a memorable last month in the office. I like this colour scheme for your blog, by the way

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