Yesterday was the day for my visa-interview and despite assuraces from everyone that it’s going to be  breeze, I was very nervous and apprehensive.

A day before, i got all the documents ready , including a statement from CA, which I decided to add at the last moment. I was pretty sure that the statement was not required as most of the people told me that it’s needed only when you are showing assets like gold, property etc, whose monetary value is not directly determinate. This wasn’t the case with me. Nevertheless, I decided to play safe and got the statement ready just a day before.

2:45 was the scheduled time for my interview. I was there by 2. At the entry, after the elementary frisking, I was assigned a ticket number and was told to wait in the waiting-hall and look out for my ticket-number, when it would be displayed on the screen.  I was surprised at the arrangements in the waiting-hall. In the scorching heat of June, the minimum that you’d expect is an air-conditioned hall. Perhaps it had something to do with some renovation that they were undergoing as per a signboard.

Anyways, I waited for my turn and very soon, num 271 was displayed on the screen and I proceeded for the pre-screening. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the system. From what i could gather, the bar-code scanner wasn’t recogizing the code on my app-form. The girl at the counter was struggling adjusting angles of the form and the scanner, but wasn’t able to work that out. Sensing the nervousness on my face, she assured me that there’s nothing wrong with my form, it was a issue with the scanner/computer. Finally, somehow, she could make it work and then I proceeded to the next stage of waiting for my interview.

First 10-15 minutes were excruciating; I was a bit nervous, going through all kinds of what-ifs. Then, decided to chuck all the negative thoughts out and try conversing with other ppl. This helped me pass the time and finally, it was my turn for an interview.

The Visa-officer was an American somehere in his thirties i guess. I greeted him with a smile and he looked cheerful too, at least this far.

VO: So, you are going to Emory? Why Emory?
Me: Some fundas about it being a top school, great in grooming leaders, good for my career goals etc etc
VO: Whatever you have just told me can be said for nearly every school in top 25. Whyspecifically Emory?
Me: Some more fundas.  /* Thought it’s going in the wrong direction */
VO: I know that Emory is a great school, but let me ask my question in a different way. Which other schools did you apply to?
Me: Tuck, Darden, Duke and ISB.
VO:  And what were the results?
Me: No admit from Darden and Duke, waitlisted at Tuck, Admitted at ISB.
VO:  I don’t care about ISB as that’s not an american school. To me, it’s pretty clear now. You are going to Emory because it was the only school that accepted you.
Me (embarrassed): The reasons I gave were the reasons that I chose to apply to Emory and the same reasons hold for the other schools that I applied to. Of course, right now, I do not have many choices, but even if I had an admit elsewhere, I would have chosen Emory due to the full-tuition scholaship I am getting.
/* At this stage, I thought it has gone all wrong so far, so had to insert the full-schol somehow */
VO: Oh!! You got full waiver! /* Had a look at my I-20 */
VO: So what do your parents do?
Me: Father has retired from service and Mother is a housewife. /* Didn’t want them to touch this part as I had heard that in case none of your parents are working, they are a bit concerned about financial data. */
VO: Retired from where?
Me: Told.
VO: OKay sir, your visa is issued and your passport will reach you at the address you have specified.
Me  🙂 😮 /* Wasn’t expecting this to come all of a sudden */

As I look back at this,  I realise that he was keying in some info all the time. The Qs were mostly to keep me busy while he was doing the necessary formalities.

Anyways, now that the final  hurdle is cleared, I am all set for Atlanta. Have already booked an apartement, will be booking the tickets to Atlnata shortly. Am really very excited now and looking forward to the next two years!

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9 Responses to “Got the Visa!! All set for Atlanta! :-)”

  1. ahembeea says:

    Congrats! We are all set now to get started 🙂

  2. Bhavya says:

    Yup, that’s what those guys do to you. You know it’s supposed to be a breeze, but they make you feel like it’s going in the wrong direction, and then suddenly they tell you that you’re all set.

    Congrats buddy. Will now look forward to welcoming you to the States, and, as promised, you can pay me a visit and have home cooked Indian food at my place whenever you have the time 🙂

  3. ampa899 says:

    Congratulations for your admit buddy….

    Just curious to know is it that the essays questions for Emory remain constant at the time of apply? I mean do they update the essays for a particular session…
    Please advise…


  4. ampa899 says:

    Also please post your email id as I have some questions regarding emory admssion process….

    Best R-

  5. Aakash says:

    Congrats 🙂 done with tickets?

  6. Anshul says:

    Congratulations! Just stumbled upon your blog while surfing the net. I remember going through the exact same process a year ago. Good times 🙂

  7. Prashant says:


    All the best, have fun!

  8. haxor says:

    For the visa, say you are applying for a loan or the college is arranging a loan for you….do you still have to show the necessary funds to the visa officer?

  9. ubharatrao says:

    hey guys i saw this blog and i want to know that what is the average GMAT,GPA and work experience needed to get into goizueta business school….i am an aspiring student who wants to do my MBA degree from this college…but the thing is that i am doing my undergraduate right now…i don’t have any work experience…i want to apply for fall 2010 as soon as my undergraduation gets over…ill be really helpful if i get information about this ! thanks in advance !

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