Yet another MBA-dreamer from India and yet another IIM (Indian IT Male)
GMAT 770 (M51,V44)
Acads: Top 10% of branch in a premier engineering institute in India(NIT)
Work-ex:: 4 years at the time of admit (1+3 in two top S/W companies) 
Extra-curriculars: Excellent in undergrad, Quite good in corpo-world
International exposure:None
Documented community Service: None

Application results:
Tuck: Applied in Early-action, Waitlisted.
Fuqua: Applied in R1, Dinged after Interview.
Darden: Applied in R1, Dinged without Interview.
ISB: Applied in R2, Admitted.
Goizueta: Applied in December, admitted with full scholarship.

(If everything goes fine) Matriculating at Goizueta this July.

25 Responses to “About me”

  1. nikhil says:

    Our profiles couldnt have been more similar
    IT background..2.5 yrs at the time of admit
    GMAT 760

    Y do u think its not worth waiting for a year if u r getting int exposure?
    if i decide not to apply for fall 08, onsite wil probably be the main reason (finances wil be second)
    i’ve joined ims conlusting…as per them, none of the colls in the top 15 are even ‘optimistic’ or ‘dream’… emory or tepper are dream
    So, if u think haas is realistic, either u or IMS shld take a sanity check..

  2. sandra says:

    I have a question for you, the score which you received in gmat it is for math and reading, what about essays are they evalute them separately?

  3. Vineet says:

    Hi Shobhit,

    I’ve just had a successful GMAT (770) but am new to the intl. mba scenario. Going through your blog, I see you’ve done quite a lot of research ;-). Have some queries, will be really glad and grateful if you can help.


  4. Arvind says:

    Came across your site while going thru pagalguy.com. Will be doing GMAT in May 2008. I’m working in Microsoft Corp. in Seattle for last 8 years and will be applying to MBA fall 2008 or Early 2009.

  5. sudhanshugarg says:

    Nice work buddy..

  6. Pradeep says:

    hii well this is a very resourceful and interesting blog.lo of relevant details.i m a techie serving in the armed forces and retiring in six months time.planning to take my GMAT.will bother with some queries soon.thank u

  7. Sandeep R. says:

    hey you’ve got a nice blog running.. hope to follow it just for kicks.. :))

  8. thevoid says:

    when i got a link to yur blog thru PagalguY i wasnt sure this wud be so interesting which i realise after going thru yur MIssionMBA from past 18 months…
    yur hardwork speaks man…
    continue blogging so dat u prove to be an inspiration for som1 like me or the others…who plan to do the same

  9. Santosh says:

    Hey Shobit,

    Thats a nice blog you have got.
    Got to it when I was looking for Fuqua essay analysis.
    Hard luck with Duke.

    Good luck with Tuck.

    I had few queries on Fuqua, leader of consequence essay and
    did they give u feed back on what went against you from getting short listed. At what id can i email further of my queries?

  10. Santosh says:


    Missed putting my email id.
    My mail id is santosh.jami@hotmail.com

  11. Loki says:

    Well .. i guess we have similar kind of profiles and hence are in the same boat! 780 GMAT, IITB, 4 years of IT!!!

    So I am waitlisted at Tuck too! As luck would have it, I am waitlisted at all the school I had applied to (Duke and Johnson) – except Wharton where I got a straight ding!

    Would like to know more about you. Please mail me at the given e-mail if you feel the same.

  12. anand says:

    Iam watching your blog for the past 6 months. Thanks for providing and updating much useful informations.
    I have some queries:
    Iam a mechanical engineer working in IT Engg. sector (Still my work relates to Mech design) and currently in US. Iam planning to take my gmat on the month of April 2009. In the mean time i am planning to take some certification programmes. Below are the certifications available and it is an online programme for 6 months:
    * Executive Certificate in International Management – Thunderbird school of global Mgt.
    * Executive Certificate in Leadership & Management
    * Executive Certificate in Business Administration – University of Notre dame – Mendoza college of business
    This costs around 5000$.
    Is these certifications would be useful for my MBA admissions? or cud they ask questions like “Why u have taken the certifications or y u need MBA again”?

    Please provide some reply so that it will very useful for deciding and planning my career.

    Thanks a lot

  13. shefalika says:

    hiii there i too have applied in emory, though i missed first two rounds .looking 4ward to catch up the last one. your blog is extremely informative

  14. milla says:

    Hi Folks,
    I’ve been waiting for the past 5 wks for a decision from Goizueta and the wait is soo tough.Spent the last couple of days checking my OPUS every hr.Im hoping and praying for a good decision.I thought it took bn two and three wks but anyway lets hope the wait is worthwhile

  15. Ashwin says:


    Congrats on the scholarship, that money should be truly appreciated 🙂

    Enjoy your time in Atlanta

    Kelley MBA 2010

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    The contest ends on April 30 and we will send you voting instructions a few days later.

    Are you interested and able to participate? We would love to have you. Please let me know by emailing me back at rachelc [at] accepted.com.


  17. Robert Woodruff fellow says:

    Congratulations on your scholarship!

    I will be attending the School of public health with a full scholarship. I havent received the final award letter as yet.
    Keep me updated about your plans.

    Doc Zest

  18. pavanamc says:


    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. First of all i want to congratulate you for all the success you had till now.
    I have just started my GMAT preparation and planning to take in Sep 2009.
    I have 2 queries for you (sorry for bothering):
    1.Is it ok to take gmat in sep? I mean will i miss the first round of application deadlines.
    2.I want to purchase Manhattan SC guide but i can’t find it here in Bangalore. Do you where can i get it.
    You can mail me at pavan.amc@gmail.com

  19. Manohar says:

    Hey buddy!

    I have been following your blog for a while. I have 4 years of work ex in the IT industry. I was always considering an MBA due to my entreprenueral interests. But now I have chosen a different route to the same destination. I am headed to Georgia Tech in Atlanta for an MS. So I guess we will be going to universities in the same city! Hope to see you there! I would love to recieve your mail at mano_alchemy[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in.


  20. Uday says:

    Your blog is awesome man..I have just started my MBA quest and your blog has really been informative helpful giving great hindsight..
    Uday….One among the billion IIM.

  21. Tanya says:

    Congrats on starting you MBA! For others not sure which school to choose for your MBA – check out www[dot]thembatour[dot]com for a list of the September U.S. events!

  22. Mariabb says:

    Hi Amit

    I’m emailing from a new business student website, http://www.businessbecause.com

    We’re looking for business school bloggers to feature on our site. Came across yours and loved it – great advice on profile building! – not to mention you’re phneomenal pagal guy forum.

    If you’re planning to continue blogging while you’re at Goizueta(congratulations btw)we’d like to include you on the site. Let me know if you’re interested and I can send you more details!

    We’d also love to interview you, if you’re up for it – you seem like a really interesting, energetic character.

    Thanks and best regards,

  23. Mariabb says:

    sorry – typo in my last comment. i meant YOUR phenomenal pagal guy forum!

  24. Doit10 says:

    Hey buddy,
    I am not a usual blog reader,accidentally came across ur blog tday and went thru all of them from d very beginning.
    Congratulations for ur admission.As u mgt have guessed by now i too m aspiring for an international MBA. Appeared once for GMAT and screwed it up badly, mostly with time management.Will appear again in a month.
    Will get back to u with a score in hand.U keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

  25. Soham Sanidhya says:


    Could you please get me in touch with the content manager of this website?


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